How did I make social distance time enjoyable? Nature never fails

The pandemic has spread to almost every country on the planet, and each country has its own strategy for combating the outbreak. People in a few countries are unable to leave their homes due to tight curfews. I believe it has a mental impact on the majority of us. It's a blessing if the only constraints are on specific jobs, gatherings, and working remotely, and you can still get around anywhere close to home. For a long period, your mind does not explode or become sick from anxieties and limited quarters at home.


This is a journey that my friend and I are doing after Da Nang has been subjected to two brutal lockdowns and has been reduced to a more relaxed social distancing order. Allowable to leave the house, but only with a group of no more than five individuals in public places, and with epidemic preventive measures such as masks and antiseptic water. We planned to hang out somewhere to clear our spirits for the past few days because it was too stuffy with masks all day and the two of us working on services were closed.


We chose Hoa Trung lake, 25km from my house, traveling by bicycle because staying at home for a long time really craves to exercise. A large freshwater lake far from the center and near the quiet mountain. There are a few islands floating in the middle of the lake that are very beautiful and suitable for contact isolation. We prepare tents and personal items. Food and water will be bought in a village near the lake, and chairs, cooking utensils, and food can be borrowed at a friend's house nearby.

Because to reduce the load, the weight of the backpack on the back and convenient to move on the cycling distance, when the type of bike we use does not have a saddle behind (saddle behind).


We went about 3 p.m. because it was hot and sunny at the time, and on the way, we stopped at a little market to get food and drinks from a tiny store. When you arrive at the lake, look for a trail that leads down to the water, where a man's boat is docked on one of the lake's floating islands and he is fishing. We met him before the lockdown, so we had his phone number and contact information.

His name is Tam, and we met him before the lockdown. We promised to take us to a floating island and pick us up the next morning to return to shore because his boat was not designed to transport people, but rather firewood and harvested acacia trees. He was ecstatic and agreed to take both of us out on our bicycles to find a good area.


He recommended a little island with a large lawn that he has seen many times before with young people rowing Sup out there to camp. We agreed to allow him take us to buy two bundles of dry firewood that he had collected earlier in the day, but when we arrived on the island, he admitted that the grass was flat and wide, but we all shook our heads and said he transported to a little mound nearby.


This mound is basically bare, with rocky soil that isn't flat, no giant trees to provide shade, and no soft lawn to sleep on. We can understand his bemusement when no one decides to play on such a mound. My friend told to him that sleeping there is tough due to the dense forests behind him, which makes him feel insecure and terrified of unknown things. We relocated to that mound and made arrangements for him to take us up at 9 a.m. tomorrow.


We are very excited and excited about that spot because although the terrain is not really good, it is empty and the view and mountain direction is good. It feels like no one is watching and it's really private. Turn on some music from the JBL speaker and set up a cooking tent. After 5pm, the sun disappeared under the western mountain top, so the cool air from the lake surface is really clear. We both cook and sit and chat, watching the sunset and enjoying the feeling of freedom that has not come back for a long time.



Fortunately, thanks to the light streaming into the air distant from the suburban residential area, the night was not too gloomy. This is my favorite time of year since the temperature has dropped to a pleasant level, the night is illuminated by fire, and the air is filled with the noises of insects and animals. All of this serves as the foundation for our open and honest discussions. We turned off all the LED lights before going to bed and gazed at the starry sky through the tent's thin sunroof curtain. I'm sure that's a sensation that only those who have experienced it can understand.


The sound of conversations awoke me in the morning, and I opened the tent door to discover two brothers kayaking close to us. They came ashore and chatted with us, and I was told they tented near the water's edge near the bottom of the lake. When we joked that we cycled out here, they laughed. They let us borrow one of their two kayaks to try out




It's fantastic to be able to sail early in the morning on a calm lake surface while basking in the warm morning sun. A one-of-a-kind experience relaxes and regenerates the spirit. Perhaps it was a rare joyous day following the epidemic's hectic days. We returned to breakfast after finishing rowing, drank coffee from sachets, and returned the kayaks to the brothers. Then we called Uncle Tam to come get us up on the beach. Pay for the boat rental and give him a small tip as a thank you for a safe and enjoyable journey. Because of his excitement, I will definitely return many times and keep in touch with him.



We had a good day and were pleased with the service we received. It's like a powerful spiritual remedy for those who are going through a tough epidemic. In addition, it was a wonderful experience with friends, and time spent in nature is always valuable. Nature never fails to make us heal and relax.

Thank you for taking the time to read; I hope that each of us makes an effort to create similar fun activities to help us relax and balance.


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