Ecency Video

Hello everyone!

That's my contribution to 2nd Annual Ecency Art Contest started by @melinda010100.

I don't see this animation as a kind of advertisement (although it can be used that way) but more as a message for the global Internet network to be shared, especially on social networks.

Why did I decide to do this? I didn't have to think much.

For me, Ecency is the friendliest and fastest dapp for blogging and accessing the Hive blockchain (kudos to @good-karma). In the animation I wanted to highlight some key messages and facts about what Ecency and the Discord community means to me. I believe this applies to all users.

Animation sources:

The video is available in FullHD, resolution 1920x1080, 30fps, audio 320 kbs VBR and as Adobe Premiere project with all elements.
You can share it wherever you want, but for social sharing I suggest some adjustments (reducing resolution, sound quality, etc...).

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