Vision - referral rewards view, notifications customization and more

Ecencials, we are excited to share with you new update on which we think will improve user experience further. Referrals overview, customized notification alerts, combined actions with Ecency mobile app, etc. will certainly help new comers.

What's new

  • Referrals view, now you can see your referrals list and people you onboarded and how much reward you got from referrals and how much pending. Example: @demo/referrals
  • Notifications customizations, allows you to customize alerts with type of notifications.
  • QR generation, we have added first QR feature that will work with our mobile app closely. First feature is account boosting/delegation QR image, with simple url you get QR image that can be scanned with Ecency mobile app and purchase delegations for 30 days. Example:
  • Insufficient resource credits, we have improved this error message with actionable button, where you have opportunity to scan and acquire delegation from us. Many new signups gets stuck in this stage and wonder off to find information why they are running out of resources. Now we explain them why it is happening and give options, solution.
  • Theme settings where you can set website to follow Operating System theme settings.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Translation improvements
ReferralsNotificationsQR screen

Desktop app update will follow shortly, we are fixing couple issues related to desktop app and include all these new changes. | Desktop app | iOS app | Android app | Direct Android APK file


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