Vision - Landing page, Curators leaderboard, Author card, Read next and more

We are excited to share with you new changes on website (Vision). In this update we have few neat features as well as some major improvements.


What's new

  • New Landing Page, first impression is important and this is our initial iteration of improving Landing page on Check it out and let us know if you like new homepage.
  • Curators Leaderboard, to make curation bit more fun we have added top 100 curators list in List contain top 100 curators by earning and then sorted by their efficiency factor. Top ones are efficient in their curation in accordance to their Hive Power holdings.
  • Author Card, now you can see Author info right on Post page. This is only shown on desktop/computer screens, we are exploring ways to show similar card on mobile browsers. We have been using this for past couple weeks, it is very intuitive and useful. Check it out.
  • Read Next, one of the top questions we ask ourselves always, are we giving enough exposure to content even after they are few months or year old. Now, we think we solved that issue to some extend. We hope to see more content discovery organically. Every post now suggest you Read Next section which is as relevant to the post as we can get. Use tags properly and you will get discovered in similar topics.
  • Many many many many improvements and bug fixes 😊 Check our Github commits here!

We will push update to desktop apps within few days after some testing.





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