Mobile: Waves on go, Quick Token Swaps and more

Ecentials, we are very excited to bring you another major release to our mobile app on both iOS and Android stores. This release includes two significant features and several fixes that are much requested by users. Now, users have the option to access our Waves through our mobile application. Waves serve as a convenient platform for microblogging, allowing users to create short posts and share various forms of multimedia content such as photographs, gifs, and emojis. Keep engaging in Waves and enjoy the process of exchanging your thoughts, participating in debates, and having conversations. On website you can access waves in page.

Another significant update is the introduction of the Token Swap feature in your finger tips, which enables users to exchange their HIVE to HBD or HBD to HIVE directly from the market. Swap your HIVE/HBD from your wallet instantly instead of waiting for a prolonged period for it to appear in your wallet with market limit orders. Swapping will calculate entire order book and gives you best deal instantly.

What's Changed

Full Changelog:

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is completely opensource.

Join mobile translation team:
31 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

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