Daily 100% curation rewards

In our last post, we requested help from community with our onboarding efforts. We now bring you update that distributes 100% daily curation rewards to delegators according to their delegation ratio.


By end of each day UTC time (starting from today 04.01.2021), we calculate curation rewards received by @ecency and calculate delegations and send each delegator their portion of curation reward. Note: this works only if you are delegated to @ecency account, if you are delegating to @esteemapp, please consider moving them to @ecency.

Beside curation rewards, you will be earning extra Ecency points. In return, we promise to keep onboarding more users and make sure our signup service won't get abused.

We hope in upcoming hardfork, RC delegations will be included so more people could delegate un-utilized RC to us for onboarding people. RC delegation doesn't give curation rewards to delegatee, so for those who wants to keep their voting power can do so by delegating RC. But until this feature is enabled on-chain, regular delegation would help us a lot to continue onboarding more people.

Curations are done manually by our curation team, in future iterations we will add extra reward for curators but for initial release, curators will only earn curation reward for their contribution.

Edit: Apparently you can earn potentially ~33% APY

Delegate Hive Power now and mine Ecency Points + curation reward daily + help onboard people:

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