[Ecency] Contests List


Dear, Ecency-ans!

I think all of you like contests, giveaways, and challenges! Did you know that there are many different contests on Hive universe, where you can show yourself and your work, and be rewarded for it?! And another important thing is that you can meet new awesome people and friends!

And one of the most important things is that you can even win Ecency points!!! I hope you know what are Ecency points, if not, you can learn about them in that post.

Below, I want to list out the main ongoing contests where you can get Ecency points. (If I miss any contest, please, mention it in the comment, so I will add it. Thanks!)

Photo Contests

Writing Contests

❗❗❗Also, don't forget about the monthly Discord giveaway where all you need to do is to stay active on the @Ecency Discord channel!❗

Most of these giveaways are going on on weekly basis, so check the current topic and rules! And don't miss that unique chance! I will try to update that list regularly too!




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