[Ecency Contest] What is your favorite feature/tool?



Today is the first day of November and I want to start that month with another contest!!! The first contest was focused on Russian-speaking users of Ecency. But this contest doesn't have any language limitations! You can write in on any language you want, just follow the rules!


  1. No plagiarism! Only original posts!
  2. Use hashtags: #ecencystarcontest #ecency
  3. Add the link to that post in your publication
  4. Leave the link to your entry post in the comments under that post
  5. Post has to be published via Ecency app.

Content is due to the payout of this post, i.e. 7 days from the moment that post will be published. Winners will be selected and rewarded within 1-2 days after payout.


This time I decided to try an evaluation scale + post content. Post content is a subjective assessment of your work. And I plan to create a poll on the Ecency discord channel. In case the poll won't work properly, I will do the subjective assessment by myself or maybe @melinda010100 will help me if she wants😍.

For completing each scale category you will get points according to the evaluation scale. The more points you get, the higher your rating, and the more chances to win free Ecency Points!

Evaluation scale:

  • Follow all rules - 5p
  • Post 250+ words - 10p
  • Use photos and pics - 5p
  • Share content announcement post on SNS (twitter, fb, reddit, etc) - 5p
  • Reblog content announcement post - 5p.

So, in total, you can receive 30 points!

Content topic

Now is the most important part. What to write about?

I had a few topics in my mind. But this time I would like to learn

✒️What is your favorite tool or feature on Ecency and why?

It should be exactly 1 tool or feature! Don't make a list of Ecency tools. There are a lot of them. I want to know what is the best one in your opinion.


Well, maybe is the most important to you... There will be 3 prizes and they will be distributed as follows:

🥇1st place - 300 Ecency points
🥈2nd place - 150 Ecency points
🥉3rd place - 50 Ecency points

Thank You!


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