Ecency Art Contest | My Best For Hive Engagements

Hello Hive!
It's another Annual Ecency Art Contest running on Hive blockchain.
I did a short video using videos from one of the best places to get free videos,
I was out of designs and unable to get exactly what I wanted, so, using those available there was easier and achievable for me.
I will be making three entries in this contest but for the record, this is my first entry of the first category video/gif/animation.

For the record, I wish to use this line to make an apology for almost repeating my post. The reason is because, I failed to post using the appropriate community.

Below are the names of the authors whose works were used, same as the links to the pages where they are published.

For the record, I'll like this content to be included in the #assets

Thank you so much for watching and visiting my post.
I hope it sends the right message to you.
Do have a lovely day.

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