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This is a very interesting topic that is often shared on various TV shows. The sad truth is that more and more people are left alone or have lost their mate so they resort to various dating sites or befriend people on popular platforms like Facebook and others.

The "kidnappers" invest enough time to make the jerkoff feel secure or even in love.

Recently they were on TV about a woman from my country - Bulgaria who met virtually a man who was on a mission in Iraq. He was not Bulgarian but American. They didn't give her face on the program but they said she was a woman about 50 years old. This "American" had been texting with her for months, had built up some kind of rapport with her. He was going to buy a ticket so they could see each other in person. All sounded good until he demanded money from her because he had missed his flight and in order to get home he had to pay an additional amount of about $2000. The woman sent it, then his ticket was detained in another country (how that happens - I have no idea). The woman pawned her apartment so she could send him this money. An apartment that is worth approximately $50,000 she loses for about $7,000. She is left with no money and no home. Meanwhile, this "American" was admonishing her that he couldn't wait to see her how they were going to be together and whatnot.

They were now going to America, and in order for her to enter the country she would have to be listed as his wife. She kept sending money because they were "getting married online". She waited, waited for them to send her the ticket ( which she had already paid for) but it never came. She ended up going to Greece so she could work at a higher salary to pay off the loans she took out so she could send money to the "American".

The sad thing about this situation is that a few years later this woman has again become such a victim and has again poured large sums of money into nothing.

An investigation was launched and she hoped to get back at least part of the amount she gave. But at what cost?

In our ideas of finding someone who loves us, who wants to be with us, we blindly believe everything we are told. All this happens until we are left all alone, without a livelihood and without a home.

Before my mate found me - because he found me on a dating site and I was visiting such sites. I wasn't looking for a "quick" date in order to satisfy any physical needs of mine, I was looking for people to chat with. The feeling when you have someone in your life to whom you can tell how your day went, whether there were good or bad moments in it is amazing.

From my observation over such sites I can give some advice. With these you can gauge what the person's goal is from a date.


  • I have always blocked users who send me nude pictures of them before they have even written me a "Hi".
    • If you have no respect for me online, you can't have any when we meet in person.


  • I don't share personal information or even my profile picture. If you share too much stuff with strangers they can easily find you, where you live, where you work and if they are bad people bad things can happen to you too.
    • Strange as it may sound, for a profile picture I had put a curtain at home, if with a picture of a curtain someone decides to chat with me then I am interesting enough for them. Only after about a month of writing did I show myself to my current mate (photo).


  • Online everything is easy and anyone can be anyone.
    • I'm convinced that nearly 70% of the information users submit on social networks and dating sites is a lie. When you lack the personal (physically touching the person from a date) contact it is very easy for anyone to impersonate anyone. Think about it, how many fake profiles do red carpet stars have? Very often in such places users lie about their external parameters like weight or height, then why shouldn't it also be easy to lie about something else.


  • I believe if a person spells correctly he is smart enough for me to have communication with him.
    • The alphabet of my country is in Cyrillic, but Latin is also used. If the person across the street doesn't have the courage or the knowledge to write in Cyrillic why waste my time at all?


  • There are good people
    • If the relationship with someone has reached a point where you are going to meet - choose a busy place with at least 2 exit options. You never know what situation you might get into so caution is important.

No matter what situation you are in, don't take everything seriously. Enjoy the interest from someone else, but at the same time beware because you don't know this personal information you give how it may reflect on you.

I have had a case where I have been stalked. I've been messaged from different profiles about where I was at a certain time, who I was with and how I was dressed. This went on for months. I even at one point thought about reporting it to the police, but I didn't actually know if I got the actual information like name from the person who was doing it. I notice that I still occasionally upstairs once a year get some such reminder message from this guy, but I ignore it and block again.

I want to invite @snedeva to participate in the dcontest.


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