LOH #124: Periodic Table.

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It's been a while I wrote anything and I wasn't planning to for a while but this topic reminded me of my secondary school Chemistry teacher (Mrs Ekpe) which is surprising, and I thought of how much I love and miss her but I didn't feel that way when I was still in school so it prompted me to write (but procrastination has made me drag it for days) well, here goes nothing 🥰.

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During my SS 1, some students (including me) had difficulties remembering the first twenty elements of the periodic table after we were taught twice in order to help us remember it, our teacher encouraged us and gave us a sentence that sounded funny, she said "He has large brain but can not offer full nine subjects, many African students prefer such combination as physics chemistry" we kept looking at each other Wondering which of us had the biggest brain (head actually 😂) till we understood it was a method for us to remember the elements, (Honestly, she had to explain before we got it 😅) and since that day it hasn't left my brain (probably because we kept using it to make jokes but in the end i didn't forget and that's what matters). For fun sake I feel like explaining it so I will 😁.

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He - Hydrogen
Has - Helium
Brain - Berillium
But - Boron
Can - Carbon
Not - Nitrogen
Offer - Oxygen
Full - Fluorine
Nine - Neon
Subjects - Sodium
Many - Magnesium
African - Aluminum
Students - Silicone
Prefer - Phosphorus
Such - Sulfur
Combination - Chlorine
As - Argon
Physics - Potassium
Chemistry - Calcium.
I love how I still remember this even when I'm no longer a science student but please nobody should ask me about the amount of protons or their atomic mass because I didn't memorize that at all 😂. I remember telling my friend from another school about this and she said it's incorrect, her version was "He has large brain but can not offer full nine subjects, must all stupid people stop calling a pope Christ" Well, she's right, I'm right, we're all right, have a beautiful night and splendid day tomorrow 💐.
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