One Thing That I Want The Most is . . . | Ladies of Hive Community Contest #32 Entry

As Coronavirus restrictions lessen, what is the one thing that you are looking forward to the most and why? When do you think you will achieve it?


One thing that I want the most after this coronavirus restrictions lessen is to meet my fiance so we can get married. I really want this to happen because we have been waiting so long to end our long distance relationship and live together at one place as husband and wife.


We first met in June 2017 in Philippines. After 6 months became friend he told me that he wants to be more just friend, but I need time to know him more first before I decide. After another 6 months I said that I agree to be his girlfriend. And after 1 year in relationship, in January 2020 he proposed and I said yes to him.


Our wedding day should held on December last year but because of the coronavirus we should postpone our wedding.
We both feel so sad because of this and up until now my fiance is still not able to come to my country because of the coronavirus restrictions. I hope on October this year the goverment will open the border so we can meet personally and get married soon.

Being in long distance relationship is totally difficult. Especially in this pandemic, we cannot see each other and this uncertainty even makes everything worst.
But we both don't want to lose hope. We keep believing that this pandemic will be over soon and everything will be good in its time.


We survive in this difficult situation because we love each other and for us the distance means so little when someone means so much. We choose to be stronger together and not give up on this situation.

*all the pictures are mine.

Thank you for reading my entry for the Ladies of Hive Community Contest # 32. I Invite @mimolife to join @ladiesofhive.


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