Contest #51 My passion


Honestly the first time he participated in a Ladies of Hive challenge and the @Riverflows invite is ❤️

What is your number one passion, what do you do that
makes you feel happier, peaceful or satisfied?

These days of vacation, I have realized how much I like to teach, in addition to caring for the environment and learning a little about everything.


Since I have taught I have always had an environmental profile, all the classes I relate to the environment, its conservation and awareness.

Although I am a Chemical Engineer by profession, during my study time a phrase from a professor stuck with me: "We are the most polluting profession, responsible for what happens today, but we also have the capacity for the damage that has been done during several generations, we can make a process respectful with the environment "

And that's exactly the message I always transmit, in a chemistry class, math class, about anything. Because honestly the pure sciences are better understood with examples 😸.

But not only that, I have also studied to make greener processes, and in my case products for personal use and also taught it, anywhere in the world.


I honestly believe that the best way to promote change is by example. And so every day is a constant: Teaching and learning.

Teach how to take advantage of nature without damaging it, how to create without polluting, how to minimize damage, how to look for more sustainable options.

And I'm passionate about all that, it gives it meaning and purpose ❤️




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