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I joined Hive on March 22, 2022 and did a trial post . My main goal from then until now is to make Splinterlands content in order to fund my hobby, which is Splinterlands and occassional drawing. I learned a lot of the game, even started to get involved on it more and more as time comes.

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While these Splinterlands themed contests are quite harder than normal, I like it more since it saves me the brain cells to think of a topic for that week, which, honestly, is the one I struggle a lot. If you don't have a topic, you can't even start. With Splinterlands, I got some bad memories and some good ones. After all that was said, it's a well balanced trip.

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Discovery of Splinterlands

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I don't remember when I discovered it. But I remember I saw it on someone's facebook post. Since the entry is just $10, I decided to try it after watching a few vids on youtube. I started doing Splinterlands content on March 27, 2022 with my first Splinterlands Art Contest Post. The assets on there are all broken now so you will probably won't see anything. But the text (and the cringe) is still there.

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Duration on Splinterlands

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At the time of this post, it's been almost 1 year and 7 months since I've been posting Splinterlands content and playing it. I would say I am a veteran in terms of the game but it's been less than a year since I've been really serious about it.

It's been a very fun times though and I have confidence that it would be more fun in the future. I've been voicing out my wants for player interaction than Splinterlands just being a soccer simulator

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Time Spent in Splinterlands

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Each day, it takes me 2 hours to plan, prepare and play my Splinterlands team. It's probably an extra hour when it's rental days or the time when I need to rent everything before playing.

I also watch a few videos of Splinterlands Tactics when I'm sour with my gameplay. Just a random video on youtube and I find some of the strategy there.

I would say that it takes me more time, though, to create Splinterlands content than to play the game. For the art, it takes me around 2-3 days and then an extra day for documentation, same with the Share Your Battle Contest (Now, Battle Mage Secrets Contest).

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Recently, this time has been cut to half as I've been filming a movie for school. Unfortunately, I'm shy to share what it is so you'll just have to use your imagination it.

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High Gold League. At one time, I was able to reach Gold 1. I didn't go up to Diamond though, even if I could, since the price of the rental would be astronomically larger. This is before the rewards penalty has been applied, when you rent for collection power. Those were the fun days because I even got, I think, 2 Chaos Legion packs by playing.

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Top 7 in Splinterlands Art Contest. Very unfortunate that I cannot find the link for this but I am really sure about it. I also don't remember what drawing I did that time but I remember getting to the top because of one player/comment accusing me of having connections inside Splinterlands or having high reputation so my work got to Top 7. (I was still the last one though)

Basically, that person technically said that my art wasn't good enough to be on the top, in which, I would both agree and disagree. I would agree that my art-style is like old-style anime, like Dragonball, Naruto Season 1 or something really old. I cannot compete with the top with all those 3D effects and style. I would disagree at him as well because I strongly believe that art appreciation depends on person to person. I've seen some art that is really good for me but not even on the Honorable mentions. Also, effort, is included in the criteria. While mine don't boast really good color combinations or painting-like effects (except for a few), I always try to innovate, which is proven by me using an eye-liner as an art medium at one time (which went really good).

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Oh, and after this, I even got a Honorable mention:
So, I don't think my art is as bad as what that person is saying. Also, I don't know anyone inside Splinterlands on a personal level. In fact, If you read my posts, I even got a small beef with a few of them because I was accused of something (Not sure if they were accusing me but that's how I felt. Made a few post about it but everything went well after that.)

This is not everything but I found a compilation of my other drawings a year ago.

Recently, I'm not been drawing because of how busy I am with my personal life. However, I do promise that I will return back in the future. When is that, is something I don't know yet.

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Managed to Find a Splinterlands "stolen" asset in a Mobile Game.

If you are interested, I made a post about it that you can find in this link:

So, stolen is a strong word. However, can you blame me when you see this:

Gelatinous Cube.PNGPhoto from my post.

For those who aren't familiar, Splinterlands has a monster with the same name. It's a Beta monster that has no attack and Scavenge ability. You can see it immediately when you visit the store.

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Upcoming Goals

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For my Short Term goals, I plan to try getting into Silver League leaderboards. With the removal of Untamed Series on Modern Format after Rebellion, I think I have a very strong chance of achieving this. I can get to up to 2000 rating in Silver. However, after that, I get to find those who own or rent level 2 Yodin Zakus, Scarred Llama Mage, and Quora Towershead. Those things are almost auto win so there's a limit on what you could break in the rankings.

But with the removal of Untamed Series, Yodin Zaku and Scarred Llama Mage will be unplayable in Modern Ranked so it's actually a free for all after that. I hope my knowledge of the game is enough for me to get on top.

For my Long Term goals, I want to make a Splinterlands Animated Trailer. This is a long term for me because my current rig is not good enough to do this. This means, I need to buy a mid-range PC which costs quite a bit in our country.

I also don't know how to use 3D drawing software such as Blender so that would take time as well. And lastly, if there's some Splinterlands Vtubers out there, I want to make assets for them as well since I think it would be fun.

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Advice for Beginners

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You need a big PP when you play Splinterlands.

You need to have big patience and better practice. Splinterlands is honestly a bit complicated to get around with. Especially with each series, we get new abilities and rules of combat, you need to remember a lot of ability effects, possible combos, and a lot of things.

So, just enjoy the game and don't get frustrated too much when playing. Slowly, you would improve over time.

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Allot a certain budget for the game.
Whether you are playing Yugioh, or Magic the Gathering, Vanguard or Pokemon, you need to spend money to get cards. It's the same with Splinterlands. However, in Splinterlands, you can rent.

However, even though you can just rent, you still need to allot money for that. If you try to play without putting any money on it, not only you won't earn anything, you won't even win. And this would result in frustration, and later, quitting the game because you are not enjoying since you are only losing.

You don't need to allot a big money. As a comparison, I put a few dollars per week on the game which could accommodate my casual playing. If you don't have enough funds or cannot put your personal funds into the game, then that's where my next advice will help you.

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Make Splinterlands Content.
You can join weekly Splinterlands Art Contests, Battle Mage Secrets and Social Media Challenge to gain funding for your account. You're playing the game anyway, so why not save a few screenshots of your favorite game, share it, and earn so you can have your rental funds?

Because of these contests, I was able to buy some art stuff improving the quality of my work before I went on a drawing hiatus. You can read that frequently on my art posts.

You also don't need to be the best writer out there. As long as others can understand your post, then that's good enough. You can even use your own language, and then use some translator to change it to another language. There's a lot of ways to do it if you want to.

But the last and most important advice is to have fun. Just like Video Game High School's Dean Ernie Calhoun always say...

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  • This post is an entry for Splinterlands Social Media Contest.
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If I seem to forget to cite other sources, this would be unintentional. Please leave it on the comments below to be added in the post. Thanks.

If you're interested in playing the game, support me by registering using my referral link here

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