Splinterlands Art Contest #1: My First Attempt on Splinterlands Divider


Konaqua-desu! Splinterlands is an NFT game where you can earn while playing. In addition to that, I found out that they also sponsor contests here in ecency. You can find the contest that I am joining right here. Please support me by upvoting my post and providing a comment for improvement below.

Materials and Sources

Photos from Splinterlands

Photos from pngtree

Photo from purepng

Photo from Bitmoji

Photo made in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Step by Step

Step 1: Creating Divider Shape

Any shape is okay as long as it's symmetrical on either side. I find adding arrows or lines towards the side better since the idea is "to divide" two parts of an article.

Step 2: Applying the Main Logo.

Since my middle shape is circle, I tried to find something similar in shape. Luckily, since Bitmoji is used for a lot of profile pictures, there's a lot of circle-themed pics. It doesn't need to be perfect as we're going to design it later.

Step 3: Add Water Splash Effects.

Using the amazing water splash art that I found from pngpure and pngtree, I edited it and added in the divider.

Combination of foreground and background application made the water look like it's circling the arrows.

I also enveloped the middle part and used a circle-like water to hide the trace of the circle shape from the main guide on step 1.

I did the left one first, then copied it and flip to make it the same on the right side.

Step 4: Adding the Splinterlands Characters.

This part looks hard but is actually simple. Just add the photos from your favorite Splinterlands characters on the background. That's it.

Adjust the size of each monsters to your taste to finish the divider.

The bubble in the middle is also a part of Captain's Ghost. I cut the bubble part and added it to provide more colors. Also, it fits the theme.

Final Output


If you're interested in playing Splinterlands, use my referral that you can find here

Characters are from Splinterlands and bitmoji.

Water splashes and effects are from pngtree and purepng

Everything is combined, edited, and enhanced using Photoshop CS5.

Stay safe and Good luck.

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