Ladies of hive community contest #83

This week questions are deep and I will be sharing my experience through question number one.

1️⃣ What was the most devastating event in your life? Express your feelings and how you coped.

Thanks to @joanstewart for this week questions, it is an opportunity to share how I was saved.

There are moments in one's life that you will feel as if all hopes are lost.
You ask a lot of questions and get no answer, even if you are able to get an answer believe me the answer at that moment won't be what you want to hear or believe.
A time of distress is when a lot of things run through your mind, it takes the grace of God to be able to overcome this moment.

The devastating event in my life is when my mom had a dislocation on the right side of her ankle.
During this period the academic staff union of universities (Asuu) was on strike as always and it happens that my school was among the union, so school was not in session I had to come back home.
During that period everything was going on well, I wasn't that bothered by the strike because I started learning how to sew clothes from my Aunty.
One day like every other day, I was preparing for my training while my mom a primary school teacher left for work.
Some minutes later someone came to our house knocking alerting me that something happened to my mother.
Confused,I ran out to see people assist her to come inside the house.


That was when the dislocation happened, she said she didn't fall down.
She just missed some steps before she heard sounds from her leg indicating a shift.
We quickly rushed her to the hospital because she couldn't move.
We spent weeks in the hospital without any change, doctor said the shift have been corrected but still no change.
She couldn't move and she was in a lot of pains. Night was the longest of all, I never slept for a day because the pains increased at night.
I felt the whole thing and it broke my heart to see her in such condition, and African mothers can lament a lot.
This alone made me more disturbed, I was confused I didn't know what to do, I was in distress.
Before we know what was going on the leg developed a wound like foot ulcer expending.


Photo taken by me
This was the early stage of her leg.

Her sugar level was normal but the wound wasn't healing.
Some people that visited and saw the leg said it was someone's doing that the person wants to take her life, all this I backed up with prayers.
One day I went to get fruits, immediately I stepped in I saw my mom on the ground crying.
My heart flew she called to me to pull her hands, I asked what happened she didn't say but told me that I should call the doctor that her wrist is broken.
I thank God who held me strong because I nearly collapsed on hearing her breaking her wrist.
It was later she told me she tried standing to get something as I was not around then landed on the ground, she tried supporting her self with her hand then ended up breaking it.
That was when I started believing what people that visited said, I stopped crying at night and prayed more.
God healing came through for us and set her free from the captives.
I was also glad that I was around, the worst could have happened.
She staying alone could have caused her to develop other illness like hypertension.
Though she is not walking strong with her legs now but she's walking not laying down anymore, she is doing things with her hands but not allowed to carry heavy load.
I was saved as well, I give God the glory.

Thanks for reading.
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