Love for Passion (LoH Contest #90)

July 9, 2022

We all have passion in life, don't we? May it be a passion for music, dancing, art, gardening, teaching, cooking, etc. Anything that makes us happy and we love to do constantly is our passion.

I came across this prompt of Ladies of Hive about our passion that I opted to take.

I have a few that I love doing and they make me happy.

  • Passion for Art

This was the first passion I acquired since I was younger. I remembered back when I was in pre-school, it was my mother who taught me how to read and draw basic things. I admired her simple skills and so I loved drawing too. When I was in primary school, my teacher told us to illustrate the story we tackled. When my classmates saw my drawing, they were awed and told me that I have a talent for drawing. That's how I started to love drawing.

In our family, it's my father who is skilled in drawing. He's good at drawing house plans too and he made ours. My little sister is good at it too and currently taking art as her major subject in school. Aside from sketching, I love making DIYs and other handcrafts. I find them creative and I always wanted to make pretty and cute stuff.

Here's the latest craft I made from an old shoe bag using applique and patchwork needlework techniques. This craft was donated to a Foundation chosen by the daughter of my boss.


Check this to know more about this Needlework Craft @jane1289/my-needlework-craft-will-be

  • Passion for Traveling

Traveling around the world is one of my dreams. It's impossible though because only rich people can afford it. But that's one of the main reasons why I worked abroad, to travel to other places outside my country. Since traveling around the world is quite impossible to achieve for an ordinary person like me, I thought that working in different places abroad would help me achieve it. So it's like, working while traveling. Unfortunately, I got stuck here in Hong Kong, but I love it since I can visit beautiful places in this country easier than traveling in my own country.

What I like here in Hong Kong is traveling to places that resemble countries abroad. I feel like traveling abroad while visiting other places here.

Middle East of Hong Kong


Hawaii and Maldives of Hong Kong


Somewhere in China? No, it's just here in Hong Kong


They call this a Venice of Hong Kong as stilt houses seem like poor versions of Venice houses.


This isn't in Europe, but the Tai Tam Reservoir of Hong Kong.


Another reservoir I visited was the Enchanting Shing Mun Reservoir. This was the best so far.


And more places but I can't list them all here šŸ¤£.

  • Passion for Photography

My passion for photography was developed when I started traveling. I love taking photos of the beautiful places I visited.


The photographs are my collections of memories so that in the future, I could have something beautiful to reminisce about if I can not travel anymore.


These photographs could also help me recollect my beautiful journey in case my mind failed to function well anymore.


  • Passion for Writing

The writing wasn't my passion before, as I was even lazy at making essays in school, lol. My passion for writing developed when I started blogging. I don't really know how to make an article before, nor make more sensible content. But consistency in writing helped me learn how to compose my own article.

Moreover, writing is my way of expressing my thoughts and emotions, especially when I have no one to vent my feelings. I feel relieved and lighter every after releasing my feelings and emotions in writing and that even makes my writing more creative.

So those are my passion that makes me happy. I know you guys have too. You can share it below.

I know this kind of late, but I would like to invite the new ladies of Hive to join this community and participate in the challenges. @lhes @charmingcherry08 @ayanechan @zbabe
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Good luck and happy weekend šŸ˜Š


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