Exploring Other Beautiful Spots Of D' Aguilar Peninsula

April 25, 2022

You probably have read my previous blog about Discovering The Hidden Paradise Of Cape D' Aguilar and have seen the breathtaking rocky shore, tumultuous waves, stunning rock formations, and caves. There are still more hidden paradises on this peninsula that are worth sharing. The only marine reserve of Hong Kong doesn't only has stunning rocky shores and caves, but as well as beautiful cliffs and an iconic lighthouse.

Let's continue discovering the hidden paradise of this Peninsula.

This 20 hectares of Cape D' Aguilar Marine Reserve was put under protection to conserve the subtidal territories, especially the rocky shores.


One shouldn't leave the marine reserve without climbing on top of rocky hills to see the wider angle of the beautiful peninsula and the South China Sea. Just mind your steps! Several fishing boats and ferries are crossing the vast ocean at interval hours.


Just a pretty reminder before climbing up the cliffs:
Make sure to wear non-slip shoes appropriate for hiking and climbing. The hills are purely rocks with sharp edges, so mind your steps when climbing. There are high cliffs perfect for photoshoots, but only for risk-takers. Stay away from cliffs if you are afraid of heights. And lastly, don't ever let your kids climb by themselves. Do look after them and running on top of hills is definitely not advisable. Just one wrong step and you'll be in danger.


If you want to take photos by the cliff but are afraid of heights, there are low cliffs appropriate for you where you could just sit down for a while and listen to the splashing sounds of gushing water lashing onto rocks.


On top of one of the rocky hills is a scenic view of two islets sitting adjacent to each other on the water. Rocks are mostly granites and the rustic view of rocky hills and other rock formations is truly stunning. And from the distance, you could see other beautiful islands in the southern part of Hong Kong Island.


The bottom of rocky hills seems to have been cut by lushing waves that form like caves. The landforms are either naturally carved by natural elements or have been shaped by humans. Whatever it is, they are perfect spots for instagrammable photos.


In some parts by the cliff facing the sea, you would feel like you are in Hawaii. The blue ocean seems to meet the blue sky on the horizon along with dancing waves on the shore. The nostalgic and calming scenic view would make you reflect on yourself and appreciate the beauty of nature more. Oftentimes, we need this tranquil moment away from the bustling city and connect with nature.


From rocky hills along the bay, let's go to the upper hills in the middle part of the marine reserve.

For some reason, they closed the end of this stairway going to the next beautiful spot. So visitors must detour to the opposite side of the hill. Go back to the paved road, walk on the inclining slope, and turn to the right.


There stood a beautiful Cape D' Aguilar Lighthouse or what they called Hok Tsui Beacon. This 9.7 meters height stone tower was constructed in 1875 and is one of the remaining oldest lighthouses in Hong Kong. You can find other information about the lighthouse on the information plaque posted at the end of the stairway.


The lighthouse has balcony rails and a gallery. Its iron door is crowned with geometric decorations and has a rustic stone blocks doorway, the same as with the tower base. For protection purposes, it is always close and not open to the public.


Just a few distances from the lighthouse on the upper part of the hill, another paradise has been discovered and answered our curiosity about why the name of this peninsula has the word "Cape."Its dramatic view is truly breathtaking!


There it is, the elongated landform extended into the water at the highest part of the marine reserve that forms like a cape.


Reminder: People with acrophobia shouldn't go to this part as its height would definitely turn their legs into jelly and they might be nauseated once they look down the sea level. The cape is probably hundreds of feet above sea level.

But Jane the explorer doesn't want to waste the chance to capture the amazing view of the cape by the cliff. And if you are afraid of heights, do not befriend me, as I'll convince you to face your fear, lol. Take this travel buddy of mine for instance. She likes traveling and hiking but is afraid of heights. I just told her to tag along with me and face her fear. Besides, I won't have a photographer, lol.


To visit the top of the cape, walk a little from this viewing point in the photo above, and turn to the right path going to the REACH, a submarine cable station. Walk on either left or right side of the fence of the station. Be careful if you choose to walk on the right side, as it is too close to the cliff and only has a narrow footpath.


On the top of the cape is the submarine cable station. The concrete platform serves as a viewing point for the stunning view of the marine reserve, other parts of the peninsula, and distant islands along the bay.


A little further is a remain of an unfinished building that seems to be ruined by time and natural elements. It looks easy to climb in the photo, but no, it wasn't. Unless you have long legs.


It's pretty dangerous to climb onto this ruined building, so don't ever try if you are not a risk-taker. That feeling when you sit about a few hundred feet above sea level is kind of terrific, especially when looking down the sea. It's also a perfect spot for waiting for the sun to beautifully go down below the horizon at dawn.


The scenery from atop is extraordinary overlooking the whole peninsula and distant islands. And from there, I saw another cape where the lighthouse stood beautifully. And probably, there are more capes in other parts of the Peninsula.


And this was our last stop in the marine reserve. Before heading back to the bus stop, don't forget to rest for a while in tranquil small village and feel like you are in Japan sitting under a cherry blossom tree.


Then stop over a wee store and get some refreshment as a reward for the wonderful journey.


There are more beautiful spots that you can visit near the marine reserve like Shek O and Big Wave Bay beaches. Those are perfect last stops after the hot journey, yet amazing journey.

That's all guys. Thanks for stopping by and see you in my next travel blog.

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