Big Wave Bay Beach (The Surfing Capital Of Hong Kong)

April 9, 2022

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Dragon's Back Trail Hong Kong

After our dragon's back adventure, we followed the path of going to Big Wave Bay. In less than 30 minutes, we came across a resting area and had our lunch, which consist of bread, biscuits, and water šŸ˜….


Another resting area after a 10-minute walk. It was a paradise and a beauty to behold with its green mountain and trees backdrop. A tranquil place to relax after a long hours hike. From this area, we walked for another half an hour to the Big Wave Bay beach.


For those who want to visit Big Wave Bay but don't want to hike the Dragon's Back trail, you can go to this beach by:

Welcome to Big Wave Bay!


Big Wave Bay is located on the Eastern part of Hong Kong Island within Tai Long Wan village premises. And from the name itself, it has big waves the reason why it is considered the surfing capital of Hong Kong, a perfect beach for surfing. Thus, a favorite beach for surfers and even beach lovers, sunbathing fans, and thalassophiles or sea lovers.


Unfortunately, the beach was temporarily closed due to Covid restrictions. Yet, the big waves were inviting so the restrictions didn't stop surfers from diving into the big waves.


Later at around four in the afternoon, surfers started to invade the beach to conquer the big waves. That's probably their best time to surf to avoid the scorching sun and with bigger waves. However, the weather gives chilly water but they didn't mind it as they were being protected by their wetsuits from getting cold.


Adults and youngsters, men and women, regardless of age and gender, seemed not to worry about the Covid restrictions and just wanted to plunge and surf onto the cool water and surpass the big waves.


January is said to be the best month of the year to surf on this beach as the water is clean and clearer with bigger waves.


Visitors who want to surf but don't have the equipment don't need to worry, as there are wetsuits and surfboards rentals around the beach. They can also buy a surfboard for only HK$80 and above with a leash included.


Aside from wetsuits and surfboards rentals, there are also umbrellas, mats, and tents for rent. Since the beach is temporarily closed, no one would rent umbrellas and mats of course. But if you are planning to visit this place to sunbathe, you can just bring your own mat and lay down in the available areas. Showers and toilets for men and women are also available on the beach. So if you are looking for perfect beaches in HK, Big Wave Bay is one of the best-equipped beaches.

Two lifeguard houses stood beautifully on stunning rock formations on both sides of the beach.


They are as well perfect places for photoshoots and viewing points for watching surfers gliding along with the big waves.


The left side of the beach has also a viewing platform for watching water surfing.


Just mind your steps in passing through the narrow footpath going to the viewing platform as there are no fences on the sides.


Just below the viewing platform is a rocky platform that is also a perfect spot for watching surfers and capturing the beach from a wider angle.


And a perfect spot to capture the big waves splashing onto the rock formations as well.


You can't leave the place without souvenir photos of the big waves of course.


Taking videos of the big waves is perfect as well. (3).gif

Other Things To Do On Big Wave Bay Beach

Aside from surfing, there are other things to do on this beach.

Barbecue Food Trip

Barbecue pits are also available on the left part of the beach near the left lifeguard house. However, it is temporarily closed due to covid restrictions.


But, you can visit the barbecue site near the playground area on the upper side of the beach. Kids can play on the playground with their families, and some are also perfect spots for family gatherings

Climb The Stairway To The Pavilion

If you wish to take stunning shots of the beach, you can take the concrete stairways up to the pavilion with more or less 500 steps. That's a best exercise as well and a way to take better shots of the Big Wave Bay.


The view from above and along the stairway is incredibly scenic that I couldn't stop myself from adoring the perfect beauty of nature and the stunning transformation of this beach. While on this spot, I could feel the Hawaiian, Palawan, Boracay vibes or in a paradise somewhere in a tropical country. I felt like I want to plunge into the water as well.


Hike The Dragon's Back Trail

But if you wish to hike the dragon's back trail, you can continue walking up this stairway from the pavilion site with hundreds of steps more ahead. Just follow the signs going to the Tai Tam Gap trail and starts your hike from there to Shek O and To Tei Wan trails.


Walk Barefoot On The Soft and Fine Sand

Big Wave Bay beach has clean water with soft and golden sand. You can either swim in the water but be cautious with the big waves and surfboard ripping through them, or simply walk barefoot along the beach if you are not a good swimmer.


Visit Different Rock Formations

You can wander around the area and visit different rock formations that are stunning in their rustic view.


This incredible rock formation that is like a window to the beach can be found behind the lifeguard house on the right side of the beach. Some climbed to see the view behind these rocks but if you wish to try it, be careful with the slippery steps.


Dine-in In Cafes

There are also stores and cafes around the area serving Chinese food like fried and soup noodles, grilled pork, and other Chinese food. But snacks such as pizza, clubhouse sandwiches, burgers, fries, and other finger food with matching coconut juice are perfect on the beach.


You can either dine inside or outside the cafe or take the food out and look for a perfect spot by the beach. The rocky platforms on both sides are perfect for this or in the picnic area.


One thing I noticed while roaming around the beach was the numerous foreigners. They are probably residents who are beach lovers and surfers living in the village or just visitors, or perhaps vacationists from other parts of the world.


Wander Around The Village

Some even have made their lives in the village. Folks say that lots and houses outside Hong Kong cities are preferably cheaper.

A foreign boy biking inside their house's yard with a maid looking after him

But some are simply those who love beaches, mountains, and simple living away from the bustling and toxic vibes of the city.

A foreign woman with her dog relaxing while having coffee on her small veranda

And if I would buy a house in Hong Kong, I would prefer to live in the countryside as well near the beach and mountains. A tranquil place and less polluted place would definitely give a healthier and peaceful mind. The stunning ambiance, fresh air, and calming colors of nature could definitely restore your mind and body.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour to Big Wave Bay.


Thanks for stopping by. See you in my next travel blog.


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