How She Pacify Me (Ladies of Hive #95)

August 19, 2022

We all have a different boiling point, some of us are easily angered, and others are really cool-tempered. Kindly share one thing that makes you angry, how long do you stay mad, and what or who can pacify you.

This was asked by @ifarmgirl for the current Ladies of Hive contest.

It is undeniable that every one of us has a different level of patience and anger, as well as ways to cope with it. It depends upon the situation and what triggers us to get mad. Some can easily be resolved, but some are not, and it would take a longer period before we get back on track, especially if we hold a grudge against someone who ruined our sanity.

I'm a person who doesn't want to get involved in any arguments or chaotic situations as my tranquility is easily destroyed. As much as possible, I just want to ignore any conflict and not jump into any commotion as I don't like arguing and talking for too long. Besides, I feel like my reasoning will be ignored, so I better not get involved at all.

Most of the time, I can control my temper as I don't like situations to become more complicated. I don't like noise, I don't like reasoning out, and I don't like conflicts and clashes as they can easily trigger my anxiety.

Image from Pexels by Dương Nhân

Dealing with anger also differs when I am just at home compared to when I am at work.

At least, when I am at work, I stay rational and professional. And as much as possible, I want my temper to be well controlled as I don't want to ruin my reputation. However, some instances could trigger my emotions and when it happens, you could see an evident paint of anger on my face.

This usually happens when I feel like my effort is just taken for granted, or when a lot of stuff is thrown on my plate and as if my boss and her family aren't aware that I am only human that needs some rest. My blood would start to boil from a controllable phase to silent madness. But don't be exaggerated, my sanity is still intact!

Image from Unsplash by Simran Sood

What I mean by silent madness is when I am mad, you wouldn't hear anything from me at all despite a lot of questions you throw at me. As mentioned above, I don't like being involved in any conflict so when I am mad, I rather not say anything at all than make the matter more complex. Moreover, you will see my brows brawling. These are some of the signs that I am mad and you better contemplate what you have done that makes me mad.

One day I got totally swamped at work then my boss' family started arguing with each other for some reason. The house was filled with noise and things became chaotic. No one did wrong to me, but I got mad. How?

Stress + chaos = madness for me.

My boss's daughter greeted me happily that day but I just ignored her, rather she was greeted back with a frowning face and silence. That's it! Anyone involved in the chaotic situation that triggered my madness will be ignored. If I can only shout at my boss and her family to shut their mouths, I will certainly do it. Unfortunately, I have no audacity to do so. I rather keep my anger but evidently showing in my face to give them indications.

She was confused about my behavior at first, but later she realized that I was mad for some reason. She would do something to pacify me afterward. She would slowly go to my place to get my attention, but if I ignored her, she would back out. She would repeat until she got my attention. Then she would start to tell funny stories that could alleviate my anger. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. If not, then she'll leave me until the next day. Until then, I am no longer mad as I always let time erase the hatred inside me. Back to normal, back to work!

Meanwhile, if I am at home and I get mad, I don't hesitate to release my anger and frustrations. You will literally hear my loudest voice (although not loud for others) when reprimanding especially those who caused my anger who couldn't seem to notice the mistakes they have done that triggered my emotions. Some would even just ignore the situation keeping themselves stubborn and making me madder. I am referring to my siblings, lol.

My anger just usually lasts for a short period, one day is the longest, and I can easily pacify myself with my favorite snacks. Before I learned about my food intolerances, my favorite snacks included something sweet and yummy, such as ice creams, cakes, and chocolates.


But ever since I found out about my lactose and gluten intolerances, my favorite snacks nowadays are mainly fruits, and homemade lactose/gluten-free snacks.


These types of food can usually pacify me if my anger isn't to that high extent. However, there were instances when my hatred against someone lasted for a few weeks to months (even years on some occasions). When my sister got lost in the wild due to stubbornness and got pregnant, I was too mad at her because she didn't finish her studies yet. But when her daughter came out, it seemed that all my hatred against her faded too soon.

My sister and my new niece 🥰

Babies do have magic that could pacify anyone easily. My niece's smile is so precious that I couldn't take being mad at her mother, at least, not anymore.

I really do have a long patience and am good at hiding emotions as I said above, I don't like dealing with arguments and hearing noises. Someone asked me "Why do you have such a long patience and temper?"
Believe me, I get insane too, it's just that, I prefer tranquility to chaos.

I'm inviting @lhes @garrethgrey @charmingcherry @usagidee to share their stories too 😊.



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