[LOH#93] What a Man can do, a Woman Can too


Welcome to a New month and week beautiful women of @ladiesofhive community. This week brings us a wonderful topic.

When I was a child, I frequently heard: "You can't be a _________ because you're a girl.


When I lot younger I wanted to join the military.
I have so much affection for the military, particularly its ladies. Their way of dressed, the sort of respect accorded to them in public.
I could recall the day I was on a bus, a military lady was seated in front. At every police checkpoint, they would salute her. When she reached her location, the driver didn't collect her Transport fee.

I was extremely impressed, fantastic. So I wanted to should join the military.
I also heard any military personnel after recruiting and training gets paid not Minding if she's a student

That day my head was all set that I would pick up the Navy form to go for their training. At least I had height and other physical qualities.
I decided to inform my parents about it. They denied it since I was a girl. They were terrified that I would quit school and after hearing how hard their training is, not many make it out.
I recalled that day I sobbed out my eyes.
Their other issue was that I would start acting like a guy and men may be terrified to identify themselves with me and may cause me distraction.

There are more changes today, I believe their thinking has changed since they have witnessed how women are doing well in that field, but now it was too late, I already acquired a love for the medical industry and am also pleased to be here

But becoming a military nurse or doctor wouldn't have been a bad idea.
I would love to invite @joydukeson @crisch23 to join this contest. You can know more about it here

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