[LOH #133] Advise To All Single Mothers

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Hello friends, happy new week. Good to have you here again. It's another week of the @ladiesofhive weekly prompt.

All thanks to @merit.ahama for providing such excellent ideas to write about.

Being a single mother may sometimes be frustrating particularly if you don't have money for taking care of your children. I have witnessed windows who lost their spouse at an early age of their marriage and that forced them to carry the responsibility of their children still their grown. It takes two to make a kid and may be quite traumatic when your child doesn't have a father. All they need is affection from everyone around them either emotionally, monetarily or physically. Ever use what they are passing to speak down on them.


First, they should realize that life is about ups and downs. Only few intended to be single moms, others life tossed them with horrible experiences. They should also remember that God loves them and their child/children. Imagine ending your life due to the trials of being a single mother , what is the fate of your children?

Another advice I would provide to single moms is to get something doing. Yeah! Just work and remain active with your hands and thoughts. In that approach you don't have to overwork. You have children to care for so don't simply remain and rely on anybody.
If you're also doing anything not to feel discouraged or quiet you need to be strong for your kids.

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