If I could Choose My Own Gift ||| LOH Contest #112

A gift is a freely given item to someone, it is called a gift because it is given willingly without being bought or demanded. And is best when gotten from an unexpected person.


This week ladies of the hive question have told us to put our Christmas wishes out there and let the universe do its magic, hahaha! I'm greatly counting on this as need to mention a gift for many reasons.

Honestly, the gift I'm about to wish for is something very dear to my heart, I have been planning on getting it for some things now but the Naira to Dollar rate here in Nigeria has been frustrating my purchasing power as every month I had to cut out my expense in other to meet up.

I once had it pre covid in 2019, but I had to dash it out to someone very close to me during my relocation to another state last year, thinking I can early buy another one. I will dash it again though if I found myself in the same position. But now the inflation is getting so crazy by the day.

So, what is it that I want if I can choose my gift?🤔

A silver crest blender, with a 4500 watts capacity will be a perfect machine for my blending activities.

Why do I need this gift

I love doing lots of DIY, in fact, I have lots of DIY to share with the hive community but this right here is still holding me back. Recipes like fruit smoothies, coconut drinks, coconut oil, Apple wine, tiger nut milk drink and so many recipes I have on my notepad waiting to be put into practice. I miss doing those things so much and currently, my budget can not reach such a product.

The original one is currently sold for around 35,000 Naira which is 47$


It is a very powerful product that can give me my desired blending goals, and this gift will mean one less kitchen product for me to buy. I used my old one for over nine months before dashing it out and the result was very satisfying.

I hope Santa sees my secret letter and grant my Christmas 🎄 wish. Ho ho ho ho.

The product images were screenshots from this YouTube video while the first image cover was designed by me on my premium logopitplus mobile app.

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