Ladies of Hive Community Contest #80: Online Shopping Musings

Good morning and a pleasant new week, Hive especially to the awesome community of Ladies of Hive! Sliding into this Monday feeling a bit accomplished and ready to rock and roll this week.

Today, @ladiesofhive caught my attention again and joining their community contest this week. Link below.

Ladies of Hive Community Contest #80

The questions this week are from @irenenavarroart and I am choosing question #1.

With the arrival of the global pandemic, online commerce has grown into something routine. Do you like shopping online? Have you had a bad purchase, the product you ordered did not arrive on time, or was not what was expected? Tell us about your experience or if you still don't buy online, tell us the reason.

Before I proceed, just a little background why I chose this set of questions. When I got married a decade ago, my husband and I were unemployed or let's just say, no regular income and struggling so much when it comes to financial stability. I had an immediate/unexpected pregnancy, no enough savings and we were only renting a small apartment. It was tough. Prior to our marriage, we had a long distance relationship (he was in the US and I was here in the Philippines) and at those times, we started creating an online group on Facebook helping online buyers and shoppers by sharing and posting their products (my task), mentoring against fraud and scams (my husband's task). We did this all for free. To cut the strong short, we built strong connections online and gain a lot of friends and followers. Going back to when we were already married, we started re-selling bags and purses as our main source of income. Since we have gained a good number of followers, we never had a zero sale in a day. We only stopped selling when my husband got a job and I was busy taking care of my baby.

Moving on...

Yes, I Love Shopping Online

I am not a huge fan of shopping though - particularly going to physical stores. I can manage walking around for a few minutes, but I won't last an hour or so. I was not born with the shopping gene and stuff like that. Introvert problems. I don't like dealing with people - it's very uncomfortable. Lol sorry. Yeah, I hate crowds. You are likewise compelled to rush most of the time due to such a lot of shoppers at physical stores like malls and department stores. Not being lazy or something, but it's easier to sit at home, browsing on the internet haha.

However, online shopping to me have a sentimental value kinda (cheesy) and has helped me regain my trust to humanity I made a lot of online friends. So obviously, I have been shopping online even when online shops were not that famous 10 years ago.

(my purchases online last month)

Advantages Of Online Shopping Based On My Experiences

  • Convenience
    Whether it is in the middle of the night, dusk or dawn, be it in your nightgown in bed or in your backyard, you can shop anything, anyplace.
    and outfit.
  • Saves Time And Outfit
    Wear your gramma jammies and oversize shirt with your socks on, no one would stare at you lol
  • Privacy
    You can shop undergarments peacefully without awkwardness
  • Variety
    Get a wide range of international items without moving an inch. A leather jacket which is made in Europe for example or A pair of sneakers from The US will be effectively accessible in any piece in the Philippines. Ain't that sweet?

and many others.

Fast forward to the present time (Pandemic Era)

To be honest, I have earned like 3 extra large trash bags full of empty plastics from my parcels. It has tripled when the pandemic arrived. Since we are stuck at our homes and everything is restricted, I pretty much buy almost everything online - from clothing, shoes, bags and purses, toiletries, kitchenware, house tools, gadgets, appliances, school supplies, pet supplies, groceries and even food deliveries you name it.

(extra large trash bag full of plastics from my parcels)

My favorite online shopping sites is Shopee. It's like Amazon but only available in Asia. You can save more on your purchases including shipping fees on Shopee compared to other online shopping sites available in the Philippines.

It also has a Loyalty Program that allows users to enjoy special privileges like discounts, gifts and vouchers. They have 4 different tiers.

  1. Classic - 10 completed orders for 6 months)
  2. Silver - minimum of 10 completed orders for 6 months
  3. Gold - minimum of 25 completed orders for 6 months
  4. Platinum - minimum of 55 completed orders for 6 months

I have been a Platinum User for 2 years now and have received special discounts, free shipping vouchers and other gifts like free coins added to my wallet. Screenshot of my profile from Shopee app below.


Broken Parcel And Wrong Item

I had an experience though where I got scammed one time. This was prior to the pandemic. I ordered a suitcase because I planned of travelling overseas that time, but when the parcel arrives, it was a bead necklace. I was like, WTH is going on? lol. My bad because I was in hurry to purchase the item and did not review the testimonials. Most shoppers had the same experience. Either they received a bead necklace or the item did not arrived at all. I did not plan on returning because it is too much of a hassle and the reason why I purchased online because of the convenience. I just found out the day after I complained to the seller, the shop was gone. $100 gone. Pooof! One down for me right there. That did not stop me from shopping online. I just thought it was my mistake so.

Another one was a broken smart tv. I was very excited opening the box and to my surprise, TV was broken. The screws fell off and the screen was shattered. I felt aggravated so I message the seller to refund my money or just replace the item with a new one. It took over a week and my money has been refunded.

Lesson for me is to read testimonials from other buyers which I carefully do now everytime I do some online purchase.

I Got A Parcel

You know what's funny? I just got a call from a courier right at this very moment while typing this article. I got a parcel for delivery and the rider is already in front of the house lol. Hold on a second, ok?


I am back after 2 minutes.

So here's the rider delivering my parcel from an online shopping site "Shopee".


Here are the items delivered - a soap and a body scrub


I am going to try these tonight. I hope it doesn't irritate me as I have a very sensitive skin.

I still have 2 coming today, but I guess that would be delivered later this afternoon. So that's all, ladies. What about you? Do you love shopping online too? I'd love to hear your stories.

I am inviting @eylz619 to join the contest and any ladies out there who would love to participate. See yah!


I am looking forward to a productive yet peaceful Monday at home today. Get more writing done hopefully, help tutor my daughter with her homework, and do some chores.

But but...I am procrastinating to do some shopping online today. Sigh! I hope you all have a wicked great day, my friends! Don't spend too much, alright? Xoxo.


One love,

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April 25, 2022


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