Thanks for allowing me to be part of this awesome ladies community for #84. I did love to partake in this week's contest as the topic is very interesting.


The truth is: we all have our weaknesses and short comings, but being able to over look those weaknesses and accept you the way you are is the main issue here. For me, I will say that God decided to show me mercy by given me the kind of family and friends who knows my worth and accept me for whom I am.


The one behind every success in my life is my lovely husband. He cherishes me and brag about me even before his friends. Someone may ask how did I know that he does all of these? Of course his friends do tell me what he has been saying concerning me in my absence. He is really a good man.


Some men may even use your weaknesses against you, but not my husband. He lavishes praise on me as though I don't have any fault in me, but of course I do.
His behaviour towards me has made other family members to See Me with high esteem. Thanks be to God for my husband's life.
Even when there maybe gallops on the way, it hasn't reduced my worth. This has helped me to love and cherish others around despite their weaknesses or failures in life, I still give them the chance to become better.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you.

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