Reaching Deep to Find That Inner Strength - Response to Ecotrain Question of the Week...

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What is Inner Strength? How do you find it?

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I harken back to when I was on the edge of life (with poor quality) and death.

This happened after a car accident. I had broken my neck and was in acute care with the swelling up in my neck causing a paralysis from where my neck connects with my shoulders and down. I couldn't feed myself and even had trouble swallowing. I had to focus so I didn't choke.

My future was looking pretty grim and nurses would mention how often people who were immobilized succumbed to pneumonia. To me this was a way out if I couldn't face living being paralyzed.

But I had a reason to live - I had a son who was dependent on me.

So I reached deep within and called upon my inner strength to do what was necessary to pull through this. Fortunately I had a good circle of support for it was a long journey to recovery! You can read how I overcame paralysis here


When I began working with young children I felt it was necessary to get myself into a positive, upbeat space and have myself totally able to be there fully for the children so upon beginning my day I would also reach in to find the strength for this. I had a whole morning routine (read about it here).


Even now with the sheltering in place and I'm not in direct contact with the children I still begin my day the same way, starting it in an upbeat manner and through my meditation practice I have found extra strength to meet any challenges that may be presented to me. It gives me an inner calm.


This came into play when I had fallen in the night and hit the back of my head hard on the tub leaving me unable to move. The realization came that either this will pass or I will pass so I entered that calm peaceful state within (not allowing any panic to arise) and sure enough come morning it started to pass and I was still here, alive and grateful for this life I have been given!

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