Keeping That Spring in Your Step and Smile on Your Face - Response to Ecotrain Question of the Week...

@Ecotrain 's question for this week (details here) is

What do you do to stay balanced and positive whilst on lockdown?

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I have been accustom to keeping myself positive and upbeat for I work with young children in the Play and Exploration program with the Pre-K.

One thing about kids at this age (3 & 4 yr. olds) they are like little sponges and they will pick up on all sorts of things. Plus I don't want to go there grumpy and down.

The program was developed for vulnerable children - at risk children and you want to give them a safe secure place where they can open up and begin to explore their world. As it is we live in a small town so there isn't as many at risk kids and it's mostly when the kids turn four they enroll in Pre-K, a lot for the socializing.

I find it a privileged to be given the opportunity to have these children under my care and be able to give them those early experiences, opening the world to them! I sincerely wish for them to grow to their greatest potential and for that matter I wish that for myself too!

So how do I stay positive and balanced, something I choose to do even if I am no longer going to work with the children and I'm to stay home?

It starts right upon waking. I make sure I am well rested then it's a matter of shaking off the sleepies, doing some stretches. I like to do the one where you are on your back and you pull your knees up to your chest and give them a big hug. I take that as a hug to myself! From that position I can do a rocking horse, which is like a massage to your back. I do this on my bed which is a bouncy bed so I can rock right into a sitting position and do some sitting bounces (those large exercise balls would work good for some sit bouncing.) Bouncing helps get my energy going and it flushes the lymphatic system too! So I spring to my feet and do some bouncing ( I have a rebounder/mini trampoline for this)

Hydration is important upon arising so I have my cup of chocolate orange tea waiting for me upon arising then it is off to greet the day!

Yoga Image Sun Salutation.jpg

I step out into our courtyard and breath in the fresh air, do some grounding (going bare feet on the earth) which allows me to feel the energy rising in my body. Here I will do a modified Salutations to the Sun again to get my energies going then I head to our meditation studio where I practice my Vipassana meditation. This has been the most important thing for keeping me balanced. The atmosphere globally is fairly heavy with all that is going on and my meditation allows me to break through this heaviness and find peace, tranquility and joy to carry forward into my day.


Another thing I lean towards is being able to laugh at myself. As I work my way through each day a little humor and being able to laugh as I reflect on the day and my conduct through out it, my being such a tiny being in the vast universe!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As this is my #MindfulMonday post too I would encourage folks to try checking in with yourself in the morning upon rising and try to raise your energies too!

May you be peaceful and happy and may peace and harmony prevail in this world!

Thanks for stopping by!

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