A priority is what we hold important or valuable more than some other things, some other aspect or some other prospects. Everyone in life has core priorities because they're like a path people choose to walk, they're like choices people have to chose take, they're like decisions people have to make and they're of course what occupies the scale of preference of people.

In life there are things we value more than the others this is often influenced by our personalities, our attitude, religion, habits, way of life, culture and even upbringing this is absolutely normal in the sense that people are born with the freedom make choices, priorities in life comes because people have freedom to be responsible and immediately one commits oneself to being responsible automatically they're already cultivating the habits of having Priorities.

As a person, I have come to see priorities as a really important aspect of my life this is because first and foremost; life gives us opportunities and these diverse opportunities are what one would need to arrange properly in a scale of preference to determine what is really crucial to them. And this is why my first priority in life is taking cognizance of my consciousness and taking care to nurture it..

Most people are alive but do not pay attention to the sacredness of their life, they feel their existence is a huge sarendipity and hence they do not value the essense of life. Upbringing is the reason why this is so, almost all my life I was brought up to take care of my biological health conditions, this included what to eat and what not, the activities to cultivate and the ones I shouldn't, how healthy practices would help one live a more healthier and longer life.

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While circumstances sometimes determines our Priorities sometimes, we cannot help but notice that we hardly care about minor properties in our lives like eating, clothing and sheltering; this is because they're the topmost responsibilities of which we build our abilities to have other choices in life. During the course of our lives we build more prime priorities central to our thinking facaulty, while we may or may not pinpoint what influences our priorities.

Sometimes it comes as a result of trying to do better then our mistakes or trying to do something different from our parents, our guardians or the people who were once tasked with the responsibilities of making decisions on our behalf and that is why my second Priority has always been aimed at working towards achieving contentment and personal satisfaction

In life everyone needs means to survive and sometimes people tend to lose themselves in the quest to achieve this means. As for me I try hard to work hard to make money; materialism is an important aspect of life that assures comfortabilty; this means that we need to strive towards comfort.

Most of People's Priorities in life centers around being happy and that is why people mostly prioritize, work, relationships, money and more money. Irrespective of whatever we think; Money is the answer to most of our priorities nevertheless I have taken to striving within my strength to achieve some degree of materialism through which I can be happy, form values like contentment and achieve my own definition of personal satisfaction and fulfilment.

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Another priority is family; family to me are people who I have formed an extraordinary bond with iresspective of blood or no blood relationships. One of the reasons why this is one of my topmost priority is because in life the people we consider family are the ones that upholds, acts as a core of support and become the people we lean on, when we uplift people, be there for them, bear their burden and be like an anchor to them we're also also in turn building people to be there for us.

we humans are inter-dependent and that is why we must make it a priority to empower others to in turn empower us when the chips are down, forming the bond of family goes a long way, I believe we live for another, because we live for others is why we would enjoy the essence and benefit of living a more meaningful life filled with values.

In conclusion, a quest towards spirituality is another priority for me; in life, our existence has always been a mystery. A mystery of "divine or sheer luck" I am someone who believe we exist as a result of divine intervention and this is why I prioritize studying about God and living a rather godlike and spiritual life. This is a prime decisions which one sometimes often makes culpable sacrifices for. In reality spirituality helps one to life a better and more conscious life, we check our excesses and try to place a control whenever we seem domineering. Nevertheless people chose their priorities based on their core beliefs and the underlying way of life they have cultivated.

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