If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't? QOTW

The story i will share today isn't anything amazing that happened and the events turned but in a way an obvious job example that sounded too good to be true but wasn't!

A friend of mine a couple of months ago was actively searching for a job. He has a degree in economics but for the time being he just wanted something to do fast even if it wasn't relevant to his studies!

So scrolling through many job sites and sending a bunch of resumes, he came across a job post that amazed him. The job post was for a sales and marketing position without any prior experience needed and with a starting salary of up to 1000$ plus bonus for every sale!

Without further ado he sent his resume and got a reply back calling him for an interview. You can image how happy he was so the following day he went straight ahead for the interview!

After the interview, which was the time that we also saw him and learned the story he felt extremely happy and he also mentioned that he had accepted the job. When i asked what exactly the job was and what did the recruiter told him, he said that he had to sell some vacuum cleaners, that it would be an eight hour as most jobs and that he is starting tomorrow!

I told him that this sound to good to be true and that he actually didn't ask any serious question to learn about the job. He told me not to worry though.After a couple of days, drinking coffee he said that he was resigned from the job because it was completely different than what he was told!

So in fact, the job was for him to go from door to door with bare foot or with HIS car and sell a certain vacuum cleaner that costed around 1-1,5k each, while note that you can buy one with 50-100$. Also nobody paid him the gas and he was responsible for the vacuum cleaner in case it got stolen.

To make matters worse the salary was around 300$ but only if he had closed 30-50 appointments to show the cleaner per month. Also, the bonus was around 200-300$ per sale!

Conclusion & awareness

If you see a job offer that sounds to good to be true, asking for zero experience while giving you way too much money then something is probably wrong! Also when you are doing an interview try to ask as much questions for the job as you can before accepting the offer! At least he learned a lesson that day!

If it's too good to be true then give more thought to it!

This post is an answer to a weekly question by EcoTrain! you can check the initial post here!

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