Meet Bill Gates

A week ago I wrote about the shady ambitions of Bill Gates in Bill Gates, The Supervillain. Actually the post was more of a report on James Corbett's brilliant new series on this so called computer whiz-kid, and now the final part has been released.

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I really hope you already watched the first three episodes. If not, please visit the post I linked in the introduction, and come back after you've watched them; the information presented in the below linked final part might come across as far-fetched and unbelievable if you're not at least somewhat familiar with Gates' questionable career. A particularly telling fragment in this final part shows how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both stole the idea of using a graphical user interface for their competing operating systems from Xerox, something I've written about on several occasions. The Bill Gates quote shown in Corbett's report was new for me though, and is illustrative of these gentlemen's criminal mindsets:

As Bill would say after Apple unsuccessfully sued Microsoft for copyright infringement over Window's GUI: "Hey, Steve, just because you broke into Xerox's house before I did and took the TV doesn't mean I can't go in later and take the stereo."

Two of the most successful businessmen that ever lived, idolized for their brilliance, success and their influence on our modern day lifes, are nothing more than common thieves, and they both know it. Well, one of them still knows it at least... What I also did not know, is that Gates' parents were actually quite well off, and that they already had their own shady connections to the likes of the Rockefellers and several eugenics institutes. The answer to the question that this series tries to answer, "who is Bill Gates?", begins to materialize in this final part when we learn about his parents and Bill's connection to Epstein, who in turn had his own dark reasons to be closely affiliated with the science of eugenics and population control... Watch all four parts to not be overwhelmed with the evil intent that radiates from the information presented in this fourth and final video. You've been warned...

Meet Bill Gates

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