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A short post today about one of the main problems with right wing populism. It's essentially the same problem that caused left wing populism to devolve from a fundamental critique of economical injustice under capitalism, to the lame and toothless policies of virtue-signaling we have now.

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We all know how the so called left wing and liberal media have failed to serve the working class in the past decades, how they've conformed to the neoliberal economic policies responsible for the complete disenfranchisement of their traditional voter-base, and how they're just as responsible for the obliteration of the "middle-class" as their peers on the right wing. This is what paved the way for Trump in America and many other right wing nationalist populists all over the western world; it's a global economy after all... The problem with right wing populism is essentially the same; they're selling the idea that the liberal media, identity politics and the political class itself are the core reasons why regular working class people have been screwed over these past decades. They, like their brothers and sisters in arms on the left side, refuse to go beyond the surface to get at the heart of the problem.

They'll say that cronyism is the problem and that the political class is responsible for its facilitation. They'll say that the media are "liberal", forgetting that Fox News is their propaganda channel, just like MSNBC is the Democrat's payed for platform. In short, they'll point a blaming finger at the fake version of "the left" that's not even a shadow of what it once was, because economical injustice just isn't an issue anymore, fighting capitalism isn't an issue anymore. Even the most left wing "radical" that makes it into American politics will never admit to fight against capitalism; social democracy is as far as they'll go, which is capitalism with much more government oversight. And as long as capitalism itself isn't a point of disagreement in society, social democracy is the best we can do.

Still, capitalism IS at the heart of the problem. The private accumulation of wealth IS the same as private accumulation of power. It's funny how right wingers, who are traditionally in favor of as small a government as possible, are now crying about the government's unwillingness to implement anti-trust laws more. They say that capitalism can't function without competition, when every child can tell you that the goal of competition is to eliminate the competition, so the oligarchy is inherent in capitalism's core mechanics. The anarcho-capitalists are of course still convinced that there's some invisible hand, that a completely free market, if left to its own devices without any form of government intervention, would magically result in a relative economical equilibrium. That's just silly and again shows a poor understanding of how capitalism operates in the real world. In a highly competitive marketplace it would be suicide to NOT do anything and everything possible to maximize profits, that's the starting-line for this race and where the elimination game begins. So, as long as there's no hard proof of the existence of Adam Smith's magical hand in the sky, government regulation is all we have, and social democracy about as good as we can do.

I'm sharing with you a video of a true leftist from the YouTube channel The Serf Times, comments on a far right commentary regarding the meltdown on the side of the left establishment, the Democratic party elite, after Elon Musk tweeted a far right meme. Musk tweeted to his millions of followers to "take the red pill", a right wing meme based on the popular film "The Matrix" that is used to describe the awakening to the "reality" that shady leftist forces, vaguely labeled "left wing globalists" or "Neo Marxists" or even better "Cultural Marxists", are at the root of the problems that are really caused by late stage capitalism. The right wing commentator starts with a blatant repositioning of the left-right spectrum to the right, by describing Elon Musk as a leftist... Who in their right mind starts by saying that about a capitalist billionaire who just won a major victory AGAINST Democratic party politicians? That alone should disqualify this man from ever being taken seriously, but this type of right wing populism is growing in popularity, so please watch the video, maybe it's helpful in forming (or informing) your own opinion on the subject.

Elon Musk takes the RED PILL (and goes literally mask off)

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