Living Next Door To Elon

I'd like to say thanks to the billionaires of the world. I'm grateful to them in a way that's similar to the way comedians are grateful to presidents like Bush and Trump; there's always an abundance of source material to work with. So, thank you Elon Musk, for being just another entitled little billionaire brat, and thereby providing me with the material for today's short post.


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Have you ever heard about the tragic fate of many people who suddenly become rich without ever expecting it and without ever really working towards that goal? I'm talking about people who win the lottery or unexpectedly inherit a lot of money. They often literally don't know what to do with all that money, and their new-found riches only incentivize them to expand on the habits they already have. And when you're poor, those habits have a high probability to be unhealthy; it's a simple matter of looking at the statistics to see that drug- and alcohol abuse, consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks and other unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking, are more prominently represented among the poor. Also, if you've never had to deal with more money than a month's worth, never had to plan or keep any kind of financial administration other than the yearly tax-forms, you're not that good at managing large amounts of money in a responsible way. Winners of the lottery therefore often end up in bankruptcy, alcohol and drug addiction, and often even their children share that same fate.

The billionaires that do well, like Elon here, have won another kind of lottery; they've won the lottery of life. Either they were born in the right place at the right time and to the right parents, or they knew the right people, often because of the social environment they were born into, or they saw an opportunity and acted on that in exactly the right way, with the right people in the right geographical location. Whatever the case; theirs is a lottery win they fully expected, and becoming rich beyond imagination has always been the driving force behind their actions. They also have their problems with drug abuse, but theirs very seldom become problematic; the main problem society has with drugs is of an economical nature, drug users only become a menace to society if they have to steal to be able to pay for their addiction.

I wanted to briefly touch on this before you watch the short video about what it's like to live next door to one of Elon Musk's projects as a relatively poor citizen, and how Musk, like so many of his entitled billionaire peers, has the power to literally chase you out of your own house.

Violations & Disruptions: Elon Musk Just Doesn’t Care

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