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Pete Buttigieg, the youngest candidate to run for presidential nomination on the Democrats' side, failed to appeal to young voters. Instead, an old man who just suffered a heart attack, by the name of Bernie Sanders won the young vote overwhelmingly. African American candidates, Kamala Harris and Deval Patrick, failed to appeal to African American voters; another old white man by the name of Joe Biden overwhelmingly won that constituency.

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Obama didn't win because of the African American vote, but because he got young people and working class people to vote for the first time. Now that one of the two old white men has become the Democratic nominee, the talk of the day within the Democratic party is about unity. Biden has the African American vote, as well as all others who just want to get rid of Donald Trump, and Sanders has the young and working people supporting him; unifying the party is simple, just get those groups together by, for example, making Sanders Biden's Vice President. That won't happen, because "unifying the party" and winning the general elections by the gigantic base of support that would create, isn't the highest priority. Holding on to power is, and that goal is served even if Trump wins in November.

A new poll shows that Bernie Sanders is the people's choice for VP; voters understand that this is the way to surely win in November. So the fact that Biden has already announced that his VP will be a woman, is another slap in the face of democracy and the people it's supposed to serve. The people be damned! They don't know what's good for them! What they need is a female VP, maybe even one of color. Yes, a female VP will get us the progressive vote for sure!

No it won't. The woman they pick will be one that supports the status quo, it won't be Tina Turner or even Elizabeth Warren. It will be a woman like the one voters didn't support in 2016. Pandering to the left with the prospect of a female VP is an insult; that's identity marketing. True progressive leftist politics that create more economical equality in the population as a whole are the answer to all the identity-inspired inequalities. Yes, the patriarchy is real, but voting for a female president or VP without actually doing something about income inequality between the sexes is meaningless. Yes, institutional racism is real, but voting in a black president who supports the prison industrial complex is meaningless. One would think most people have come to understand this by now. And I believe they do, even the Democratic party establishment; they just don't care...

Krystal Ball: Biden's identity pander for VP is a slap in the face to Sanders movement

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