War Of The Worlds

I believe almost everyone has at least heard about H.G. Wells's novel about the invasion of Earth by hostile Martians. What some of you may not yet know is that under the same name an adaptation of that story was performed and broadcast live as a radio drama on Halloween at 8 p.m. on Sunday, October 30, 1938. This CBS Radio broadcast became famous because it allegedly caused mass panic among its audience who believed the invasion to be real.


Photo of Orson Welles meeting with reporters in an effort to explain that no one connected with the War of the Worlds radio broadcast had any idea the show would cause panic. - source: Wikimedia Commons

The broadcast was narrated and directed by an actor and filmmaker by the name of Orson Welles; I'm sure you've heard that name before. Welles performing Wells; has a nice ring to it. The public unrest was caused by the first act of the drama as it was presented as a typical evening of radio programming being interrupted by several news bulletins. As listeners heard the words "we interrupt our regular programming" coming from a news anchor, they must have thought that was real news, especially if they missed the very beginning and announcement. It must be said that the scale of this panic is still disputed, but it's clear that a panic did happen. The story has similarities with our current pandemic in the sense that it's about humanity staging a fight against a deadly threat.

Another similarity is that the story is also about microbes, deadly microbes in fact. The only difference is that in Wells's novel, in the radio drama and in many other versions, the microbes are a mortal threat to the Martian invaders, not to humans, and that in the end the aliens are defeated by those microbes rather than by humans. Now, there's a third way this story could relate to our current predicament. Note that I said "could relate", as I'm going down a path now I'm not sure you'll be able or willing to follow, dear reader. In my defense I'll just say we're talking about a mix of science fiction and science fact already anyway, and that I have an open mind, willing to consider seriously any possible explanation about the reality we find ourself in. This third possible relationship between real life and the 1938 radio broadcast of a science fiction drama is rooted in a rather popular conspiracy theory about that broadcast.

This particular conspiracy theory was that the broadcast and it's resulting panic was actually a devious social experiment, psychological warfare even, funded by the infamous Illuminati, or the Rockefeller Foundation to be more precise and less dramatic. Orson Welles was allegedly hired by the Rockefellers to assess the power of the media, which was proven to be immense indeed as people listening to the radio program really believed that the world was being attacked by aliens. This conspiracy is sufficiently debunked; the program was broadcast during the run-up to the Second World War, and although a decent percentage of listeners did believe an invasion was going on, they believed it was the Germans, not aliens. Still, and here's where you might sign off, the Rockefeller conspiracy could have been true. Lots and lots of conspiracy theories are later proven to be very true indeed. The CIA did try to program Manchurian Candidates. Lots of German war criminals were hired by NASA and other government agencies as part of Operation Paperclip. The Manhattan Project isn't just the name of a music band... Speaking of music, what about Jeff Wayne's musical version of this War Of The Worlds? "The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one..." It's still epic:

Jeff Wayne - The Eve Of War

And it could also be true that the whole COVID-19 pandemonium is nothing more than a world wide social experiment, just to assess how the public reacts to mandatory social distancing and social isolation, how much "they" can get away with when it comes to invading our privacy, limiting our liberties and increasing surveillance; we know how much power loves to know every little detail about us, while not letting us know anything about their hidden agendas. "Fear" has always been power's greatest ally and used to manipulate and control, we know this to be true. We also know that this pandemic isn't unique by any stretch of the imagination; the way we respond is, as never before have we been so limited in our freedom to move, interact and socialize. There's now even talk about removing family members from the house to prevent further spreading within the confines of the self-quarantine. Now, I'm not suggesting you disregard any safety measures just yet; this is just me theorizing. But of course it is a theory, a possibility I want you to be aware of; I for one wouldn't be surprised if some day we learn it isn't a theory at all. We are at war after all, not a war of worlds but one of classes, and in this perpetual conflict it's only common sense for the powerful to use fear, our strongest emotion and instinct, against us, as they've done so many times before. Invisible enemies are nothing new as the "Red Scare" and "Terrorism" are immaterial and treated as spreading viruses as well.

So remember this: we are not at war against a virus. The virus just is and we just are. Remember that if you happen to be infected, and if you happen to infect someone else, you are not a murderer and you shouldn't be treated as a suspect in a murder case, with the authorities following your every move and everyone you come into contact with. Ask yourself how far you are willing to give up your freedom, how much your government is allowed to ask from you, and how much that government to spy on you, even when it's pretended to be for your own benefit. I just want us to think about these things, and not forget that we're always being experimented on, as power is always looking for new ways to expand or consolidate itself; that's not a conspiracy theory.

Orson Welles - War Of The Worlds - Radio Broadcast 1938 - Complete Broadcast.

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