Corporate Propaganda

Corporate propaganda... If you think that's simply the commercials and advertisements with which they bombard the public space, you'd only be half right; it's also what you hear in "the news", it's their power to control "the narrative" and to silence any news that's damaging to their brand.


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All the 24 hour news coverage on CNN, Fox News and other channels during the build-up to and the invasion of Afghanistan and especially Iraq in 2003, was a textbook example of corporate propaganda. Yes, it were the politicians who lied to us to our face, but it were their corporate masters in the military industrial complex who ordered them to do so. The same goes for the surveillance state that's been developing since then; that's a child of the surveillance industrial complex, a subsidiary of the military industrial complex. Hey, you gotta have the "intelligence" to excuse those constant wars, don't you? Or to excuse the militarization of the police force where you sell the guns and bombs that are left over.

This type of propaganda works only when the consumers of the news aren't aware of the brands responsible for it; Boeing is never mentioned when "the news" spreads the propaganda that helps Boeing's sales figures. It's not a commercial but a much more nefarious kind of lie. It just wouldn't work if the pictures of Baghdad being bombarded to smithereens were introduced with "this report is sponsored by the producers of all those deadly bombs". Or that's how it used to work; now, in 2020, it's so obvious that the mainstream news is mostly fake, that this kind of corporate propaganda is being performed out in the open. Amazon has been in the news in a negative way lately. They don't pay their workers a living wage, aren't transparent about their safety measures regarding the corona virus, they've fired employees who asked legitimate questions about this and so on, while at the same time making record profits; Jeff Bezos saw his personal wealth grow more than 34 billion dollars during the pandemic.

Krystal and Saagar: Local news caught airing Amazon propaganda word for word

The annual shareholders meeting for Amazon is coming up, and with so much negative news published lately something had to be done to please the shareholders and to restore the public image. So they put together an entire news segment, with video and talking points, and spread it among more than 10 local news stations who all ran with it... Watch this video to see how well that worked for Amazon. It's really disheartening to see the bad things bad people had to cover up just a few years ago, are now just out in the open. Trump isn't a uniquely evil president, he's just unique in that his evil doings are out in the open. Obama was the king of deportations, the cages at the border were built by his, and Biden's administration, they also expanded on Bush's wars and made his tax cuts for the rich permanent; Obama was covertly evil where Trump just doesn't give a damn and brags about killing "terrorists and their families", but civilian deaths peaked under Obama first when he went on his drone bombing extravaganza. The same so called liberals who are still blind to Obama's dreadful presidency are the same ones who now call Trump the new Hitler and shame people who refuse to vote for Biden... It's so sad... Anyhow, I'm ranting again, so just watch the short videos to see how and why Amazon tries to control "the narrative".

News Stations Air Identical & Laughable Amazon Propaganda

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