If you're not yet familiar with Jesse Lee Peterson, well, just consider yourself blessed and go find something else to read. No really, you do not want to be introduced to this poor excuse for a black man, so do yourself a favor and move along: nothing to see here...

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Almost a month ago I wrote about Candace Owens in Uncle Tom's Candace; she's one of a growing group of African American men and women who are particularly popular among people from the alt-right and other racists. If you saw the video by her linked in that post then first, I'm so sorry to have exposed you to that and second, you know how these betrayers use all the popular racist talking points one would expect from a KKK member that doesn't flat-out admits to his or her racist views. Candace Owens titled her video "I DO NOT support George Floyd!" and went out of her way to paint a picture of this victim of police brutality as a criminal, as if that would in any way excuse the behavior of the policemen involved. She then argued against a giant straw man by saying that she's sick and tired that black people and social justice warriors treat Floyd like some kind of hero, that she can not understand why protesters and the media hold him up as some kind of role-model for black people to live up to; no one said he's a hero and no one said he's an angel. But, again, that doesn't excuse the involved cops' criminal behavior and it doesn't diminish the very real systemic bias against black people, which is what the protests are about. Although she says on several occasions that she doesn't want to make excuses for the cops, that is exactly what she's doing. And that's why the fascists in the alt-right love her so much. Even in Nazi Germany there was "the good Jew", and Candace is happy to take on the role of "the good Negro".

So today I don't like to introduce you to another black white supremacist; this one literally calls white people superior and black people inferior. Jesse Lee Peterson is usually made fun of in leftist circles and is best known for his frequent use of the word "amazing" in his interviews. That's the only solace I have to offer you, dear reader, before exposing you to the below linked video: watching this man results in a feeling that's equal parts fun and cringe, which is an "amazin" feat in itself. But I'm worried as there seems to be a growing number of people who buy into this far right rhetoric, that's sometimes disguised as as dry facts and rational thought by far more verbally talented people like Jordan Peterson or Stefan Molyneux, who are also loved by the neo-fascists and racists of our time. They just love how their stupid talking points are affirmed by "smart" people and black people; now they can claim "see, it's not racist at all to say that black people are killed mostly by other black people; they say so themselves! And so do these learned men!" Yes, they just looove to point out the "black on black" crime statistics, but without considering the socioeconomic and cultural circumstances which makes it a "black" thing and leads to the racist conclusion that black people are just more violent than white people, and makes them less intelligent as well...

Jesse Lee and Candace are, in my opinion, some of the worst people I've ever had the displeasure of getting to know.So watch this Jesse Lee Peterson cringe-fest at you own risk...


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