Game Development for Kids with GDevelop - Particle Effect of Orb Save Point

In this post, we are going to see how to make the particle effect of Orb Save Point.

Orb save points are the save points in the game where you take character and then the progress for that level is saved. And then the saved progress takes the user to the another scene or the level. So this is pretty much in demand effect that you would be making use of in the RPG games or the movement games.

GDevelop's particle emitter is definitely pretty useful object that you should be adding to your game project. Like make sure to download the gdevelop otherwise this whole progress wont take you anywhere. And then make sure to add the object for the particle emitter and then follow the tutorial that you can follow below.

I am not saying all effect have to be like what I have done here in the post. You can change the colors, the way it appears and also add additional effect to this existing effect. So once you are done you can even let me know how the effect goes out for you.

So check out the video below for the particle effect of Orb Save Point in GDevelop.

Table of Contents for GDevelop Tutorials

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  2. GDevelop - How to Create Scene
  3. GDevelop - How to add background Image
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  9. GDevelop - Add Force to Sprite
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  11. GDevelop - Particle Emmiter
  12. GDevelop - Tiled Sprite
  13. GDevelop - Asset Store
  14. GDevelop - Text entry object
  15. GDevelop - Typewriter Effect
  16. GDevelop - Light Object
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  21. Gdevelop - Pong Game Ball Gravity
  22. GDevelop - Particle Effect of Sun
  23. GDevelop - Particle Effect of Rain
  24. GDevelop - Particle Effect of Laser

Every game requires the save point for the progress saving. Especially the games which are in 2D and the RPG category. Most of the time such effect can be used in the multiple places in the game. And the way we have created it is easy to spot and also easy to make use of as well. I'd recommend you to try it and make changes as you see fit. I am sure you would be loving this effect for sure.

How do you plan on using this effect? And how do you use it in the level where you want to put the character movement? All of that is upto you. It requires a lot of your imagination for this to have some focus.

I hope the current tutorial was useful to you.

We will continue the further game development topic in next post.

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