CineTV Contest: Look Both Ways

This article marks my first time participating in the CineTV contest.

I recently watched a Netflix movie titled "Look Both Ways." The movie which was released on the 17th of August of this year was about a young lady who intends to go to Los Angeles after graduation to work as an animation artist. On her graduation night from college, she finds herself in parallel realities.

In one reality, she became pregnant and became a mother, and in the other, she wasn't. The movie showed us what happened in both cases.

What I love about the movie

One thing I love about the movie is its cinematography, and the way they tell the story of the two parallel realities and the outcome.

How it influenced me

The movie influences me to believe that "what will be will be no matter the circumstance or the roadblock we face." The lady in the movie (Natalie) was able to achieve the same goal she set out to achieve in both realities, and this was only possible through ** hard work and not giving up**.

She thought in the universe where she got pregnant that her dreams to become an animation artist won't materialize. Although after college, her life took a detour compared to the reality where she didn't get pregnant. In the end, she was able to become a renowned artist.

Watching the movie taught me that I shouldn't complain about any obstacle that comes my way. With hard work and dedication, I would be able to achieve anything I set out to accomplish no matter the circumstances I find myself in.

The most interesting part of the movie

The part I found most interesting was when Nathalie in the reality where she wasn't a mother, had a bants with her boyfriend (Jake) about if it is right to make a remake of an animation movie. Nathalie said and I quote,

"making a live-action remake of an animated film is like trying to tell somebody about your dream that you had last night."
While Jake believes there is nothing wrong with making the remake.

I know it is off-topic but I couldn't let that moment go. What do you think about making remakes of animation movies?

The most Iconic scene.

In reality, where Nathalie wasn't a mother she was working for the animation company of her dreams. She decided to show her boss her portfolio, but her Boss wasn't impressed and told her that her works weren't original, she also advised Nathalie to quit. What Nathalie thought was a huge setback proved to be the major turning point in her career. By quitting, she was able to find her voice and her distinct touch of animation.

Actor/Actress performance

I would say the performance by Lili Reinhart, who played Nathalie was spectacular. She played a role in two different realities perfectly and I think she is a great actress.

Why I believe this movie is a must watch

The movie overall is significant, and it preaches a strong message. Like the title implies "look both ways" meaning while sometimes we wish for some things to happen, they might not happen.
There are things in lvyife we don't have control of, some people call them fate. While we should allow fate to do its job, we should learn to do ours.

Remember, that we can't control the wind but we can control the sail of a ship. Our life is like a ship in the sea, and even though we can't change the course of the wind (destiny) we can control our sail to yield the result(goals) we want through Hard work, perseverance, and consistency. That was the overall message the movie portrayed.

Thank you for reading!

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Lead Photo by Timur Romanov on Unsplash

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