The Continental: Loyalty to the Master - Episode 2 - RECAP


The Continental: Loyalty to the Master - Episode 2 - RECAP INTRODUCTION -

Just like Winston I recently had a very bad week to the point that I had no time to keep going with my regular daily posts and didn't even had the humor to login and engage or some micro blogging, usually when I'm get pissed I have time for nothing else other than the problem I'm facing and I cant move forward until I find a solution.

Winstons is force to come back to New York because Cormac kidnap him and brought him back to use him as bait so he can get to Frankie, Winstons brother; who is now dead after feeling it was the only way to safe his wife, Yen; and brother after he stole from Cormac and old coin press. At this point in the story from how everyone reacts to what is The High Table, it seems it was still a deep secret within the hotel, probably even the workers at the hotel had no clue what it was including Charon who look very naive to everything on this episode even to who Cormac really is, only Cormac knows who they are and probably the real power, this is something really link with the John Wick movies.

Episode two is about revenge and knowing a bit more about Frankie, even though he is dead by now, episode two gives us a brief description how Frankie and Yen met. After Frankie dies Winston starts to put up a crew to kill Cormac but over this crazy idea evolves a new one and is to take over The Continental, there has always been rumors of what goes on inside but no body knows so now Winston, Miles, Lou and Lemmy want to find out, they want to know the truth and for this will not only have to take down Cormac but get deep into The Continental Hotel. - tv series divider The Continental: Loyalty to the Master - Episode 2 - RECAP EPISODE DETAILS -


Little is known about Yen on the series, on episode one it was evident she was not American but the question was how did she and Frankie met, why are they together and does she knows English?

Episode two explains a bit about their story and here are some of mine assumptions too, they met when Frankie was in the army, went to Vietnam war and she was some ones puppet probably trying to be a patriot, one day her "master" brain wash her into putting a bomb-jacket to enter a bar full of soldiers and explode, she follow all her orders but the bomb never activates, never explode, she try hard because she hits the trigger many times.


After Yen tries to kill everyone she gave up, Frankie saw her from the table he was drinking, my theory is that Frankie free her, they sit together have a small talk until she comes straight and ask him to help her, he gets rid of the bomb and from that moment protect her, Yen was very devoted to him but Frankie went a bit crazy when he started to discover what The High Table was, he didn't know exactly what it was but knew it was way bigger than Cormac, he takes the coin press not to sell it or fuck Cormac but use it as a way to unveil what The High Table was.

Yen knows English very well, she only speaks when she is pissed and she is at Winston because she feels he didn't do enough to try to safe Frankie, Yen join forces with Winston and the rest to bring down Cormac.


Winston got tired of been under Cormac all his life, he went away from NY because he knew he would never become some one if he was close to Cormac but Frankie decided to stay, Miles mention that at first he was independent but latter on he got closer to the Hotel and then became part of Cormac crew, Frankie was good at killing and handling weapons so he becomes and asset for Cormac but not under The High Table direct orders.

Winston puts everyone on notice that he is going for Cormac, he wants to bring him down but the rest knows it doesn't end there, they need to take over The Continental.



Winston and the crew knows they might have the amount of guns with Miles supply but they need more people, more hands to pull triggers, more people willing to bleed to take Cormac down, Winston knows of a underground army control by a women, this women is Mazzy; this underground army relates to who on the John Wick movies is known as Bowery King who runs a network of spies and soldiers around the city aside from The High Table until he becomes a problem and they decided to make an example out of him, the same way as Mazzy runs their army independent from The High Table.

Mazzy and Winston didn't really close a deal on their conversation but all she ask back is Love, I think she mainly talks about unconditional loyalty ask she explains how she help all this people who have all kind of troubles on their life then help them to get back on their feet and then become part of her family, her loyal to each other army.

I will finish watching the third episode tonight, what I think might happen is that she and her crew safes Winston ass on the last minute.



Cormac gets a visit from The Adjudicator, she is the highest rule enforcer from The High Table, the role as in John Wick: Chapter Four is the same she is here to take care of business, as identification they have a special type of coin that represent her in this case, every order she gives better be executed as requested if not it is very likely that the end will be excommunicated "excommunicado" meaning you are out, no protection from The Continental so most likely you are is on the line and there is a contract for your head. The gives Cormac a final warning to get the coin press back if not he will suffer the concurrences.


On the John Wick movies, there were cops who knew who he was and his profession, at the moment of this story cops had no idea what goes down at The Hotel and are not suppose to go inside, all they know its if you do most likely will get killed for sniffing around. KD (Kady Silva) was sniffing around a lot, she was after Frankie and a few others at the hotel, even paid a visit on episode one and now is getting closer to touch the tip of the iceberg that The High Table is, not much happen on the mini series with her only that she still investigating and recently got a call that Frankie died but then when she arrives the body was gone, she brings down the hammer to the guy who works at the morgue and got him to sing, gives her a few clues of who took Frankie's body in this case was Winston. Probably after Winston takes over The Continental she works with him on the side but I'm not sure how because Winston on the movies was never a friend of The High Table although love their business.



Before the first shot was fired to take over The Continental the attack already started, Winston knows this job is easier with an inside man, Charon a young man who has been protected by Cormac has also been lied about how he will help him bring his Father to America, Winston did some investigation and wants to use Cormac many years of manipulation of Charon against him basically trying to make Charon open his eyes and make him understand that any day Cormac can snap and kill him. Winston pull a kidnap not kidnap on Charon and try to make him understand the true animal that Cormac is, at first I think this meeting didn't have a big impact on Charon points of view.

Everything change when Charon got back to the hotel and saw his friend Thomas laying on the ground with his head split in two after Cormac went to town on him just because Thomas told him he invited Charon to come with him to the conservatory but he denied, Cormac interpret this as taking or stealing from him, in the topic of stealing like Frankie did; so he smash Thomas head with a golf from Behind. Looking at Thomas laying on the floor cover in blood, listening to Cormac excuse that no body takes from him and now he wants to bring Charon's father to America to be the new resident musician makes Charon think twice who he is dealing with and now might put his father at great danger. - tv series divider

The Continental: Loyalty to the Master - Episode 2 - RECAP CONCLUSION -

I have to admit there was a lot of talking on Episode two and not a lot of action but I did enjoy a few parts like known a bit more about Yen, also when Cormac hammer down Thomas head with the golf stick, I guess everyone was expecting more action from the series but I think more important than action until now it was to make the series relate to the movies and maintaining some of their characters and know more of their past was very important like Charon story, The Adjudicator who is not the same as John Wick movies probably this one already died when the movies happen, also Mazzy who was probably the pioneer of Bowery King army all this details satisfy my curiosity, I'm starting to think this spin off was to bring more details about the movies rather than a series full of action John Wick style because besides John and Caine there were very few other characters that could raise your adrenaline every time they show up on the scene.

I'm going to watch the third episode of The Continental tonight after a horrendous three days at work, at least TV Series make me forget about all those problems, last night put on my VR Setup and burn a good three hours of The Wheel of Time, last three episodes where literally fire and cant wait for the new season.  

The Continental: Loyalty to the Master - Episode 2 - RECAP PREV Episodes -

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