CineTv Contest #37: Rampage

In this movie, two characters showed an impression of utmost dedication to their jobs not minding the risk to be taken. They both stayed true to protecting their subjects and they did that to the very end and were victorious.
In this movie titled RAMPAGE which is about the lost of three vials which contains chemicals lost from space and finding it way down to the park where wildlife are kept. These three vials fell down in three different locations. One finding it way to a zoo, another hitting the ground in a park and the last dropping in a pond in the park.
The one which made it way to the zoo was inhaled by an albino gorilla which was under the care of Dwayne Johnson who starred as Davis Okoye. The gas in it was capable of mutating the system of an organism and inhibiting rapid development in both body size and internal structures.

The next was inhaled by a wolf in the park while the third was taken in by an alligator in a pond.

All three animals grew excessive in both body size, strength and aggressiveness.
The serum was originally made by Naomi Harris who starred as Katherine Caldwell to cure her ill brother but the organization she work for wanted to use it for a dark motive which will give them more earnings. When she tried destroying the works, she was framed, arrested and jailed.
Seeing that George, the albino gorilla has grown too large and was in fact still increasing in growth, the authorities decided to get rid of it but Davis Okoye who has dedicated himself to protecting this animal risked his freedom and safety to do the job he has signed for.
Also, Katherine Caldwell who was the producer of the serum made it a point of duty to also help him in righting the wrongs. Even though she did not create the serum in other to hurt anybody, she saw it as a point of duty to save both the lives of the creature at stake and the lives of the people who were in danger.
Seeing no other immediate means of halting these mutated creatures, the authorities decided to employ the military to drop off a nuclear bomb which will also destroy some human lives and they where ready to accept this as collateral damage.
But Davis and Katherine put their lives in danger so as to halt this intended massacre.
This is a true dedication to ones job and a case of doing what I know best to the last.
It shows the spirit of going extra miles to make sure you attain your goal no matter how hard or risky it takes in as much as it will bring joy to the faces of the ones you are doing the job for.

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