CineTV Contest: Moving is tough especially if you're Richard Pryor

Time to move in Moving.

When I think of comedy I think of many different names through the years of film and Richard Pryor keeps coming up time and time again. There's many films of his that I love that run the gamut. Some are outright laugh riots while others are funny in a more serious deadpan tone.

Moving always makes me laugh and I'll put that on when I need a good one. The premise is simple and relatable to anyone that has ever moved before. We all have and understand how much of a turbulent time it can be. There's a lot of comedy that can be mined from it so you better grab your helmet and pickaxe as we have a lot to discuss.

Arlo Pear (Richard Pryor) is moving to Idaho. Specifically Boise, Idaho as is mentioned countless times throughout the film. This is one of the main gags and when I hear Idaho or Boise I immediately think of this film.

Pear has no luck at all in this film. He's a really sweet guy that gets the raw end of the stick at every turn. Finding out that your position in a long standing company has since been downsized happens when he meets a new co-worker attempting to enter his own office. How awkward and morbidly funny.

You won't forget the confrontation with his boss when after discovering his position is no longer available he gives him the finger. The only problem is that he gives his index finger instead of his middle finger. I often this use this same index finger trick with people in the know, most have no clue what I'm doing with that gesture!

Would like to hear this on a weekend morning? The ultimate lawnmower LOL

Randy Quaid is his crazy neighbor Frank Crawford. I will never forget his role in this and is up there with his performance in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. A total crazy man that despises Arlo Pear and doesn't mince words. Meanwhile Arlo tries to be good neighbor as best as he can. You'll never forget his lawnmower from hell that he brings out bright and early on the weekend to make his own statement. This literal beast even has a chainsaw on it to cut down any pesky trees along the way!

We can all relate to these type of dynamics that happen in our lives. We know Arlo and Frank intimately. I've experienced these type of situations countless times and I know I'm not alone. This is where the comedy gold comes from especially when ramped up to 11.

The movers themselves are a pure delight. I believe he went with the cheapest firm and they had some of the most unprofessional folks you've ever seen arrive at his house. You won't soon forget Gorgo played by King Kong Bundy. At one point some of the men were leering at his wife and daughter, the wife even catches one going through her purse to which the thief responds "She's Crazy!". They were quickly kicked to the curb in one of the funniest and disturbing scenes. Good riddance.

Now here comes the even funnier part. They go with another company with the nicest representative you've ever seen and the deal is made to move. Much costlier but piece of mind is priceless right? Not for long as the same troupe of movers he kicked out of his house before are working for this new company. Pure hilarity especially since they keep mentioning it's Mardi Gras time. Are you sure you don't want to move to New Orleans? We all know where this is going and is once again a quote I like to use often.

There's Gorgo on the truck and Arlo screaming at the "professional" movers haha

You sure you don't want to move to New Orleans? LOL

There's one other scene that has always stuck with me. The Pears are viewing the eventual house they purchase in Idaho and are having a guided tour by the nice elderly couple that currently owns it. The jokes from the owner run a little stale as he keeps mentioning that he's taking different parts of house with us while laughing hard at his own jokes. Arlo and his wife love the house and not the jokes.

The deal is made and when they arrive after the house is theirs there is something strange. Half the front of the house is missing, there's no door, no stairs to the second floor, no tiles on the floor and no pool!

Pear calls up the seller and asks what the hell is going on? The previous owner lets him know that he recorded their conversation and he never mentioned "just kidding" after saying he was taking those items with him.

This bit has me howling each and every time. This is another major scene that has been seared into my brain and I listen very carefully to what people have to say in circumstances such as these. This idea is so strange and funny at the same time, who would have even thought of putting something like this in the script? One more moment of pure comedy genius in my opinion.

These are a few of the funny moments in a true gem of a film. I don't believe this film was particularly well received and for some reason most people don't know who Richard Pryor is anymore. He's always been a favorite of mine and continues to make me laugh.

In the end everything works out. We're a little wiser and our bellies ache from laughter.

The film is full of moments like these and I highly recommend it for a good laugh. There is so much more here for someone that takes the time for a viewing. The relatability is the main selling point for me. These numerous life events happen and we make our way through it eventually. We'll look back and hopefully laugh at the mishaps that will no doubt surface. At the time, it may be hell on earth but we always make it through bigger and stronger.

Thanks for the read 🙂

Good luck to everyone. I'm curious to see what people choose for their comedy films.


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