CineTv Contest #29 - The Longest Ride

It took hours to come up with a movie that inspired hard work, this is because my definition of hard work includes a legitimate way of attaining success.

As I scour the movies in my head, most of them talk about hard work but the end didn’t justify the means. This is because I believe that cheating your way to success even if it is done with a considerable amount of hard work is still cheating and that is a no-no for me.

Hard work that is built on a legitimate ideology and concept is what I see as real. The end of every work is a success or in some cases failure, so the end doesn’t really matter as long as the process is pure, these are my thoughts though.

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The Longest was the movie I could put my fingers on. The reason I love this movie is the will for success that was portrayed by the actors.

For me, other factors would come into view when the subject of hard work is being discussed. These are love for what the person is doing, and consistency despite obstructions or hindrances. These are just a few of the factors associated with this movie.

Earlier I spoke about the fact that the end might not be what we desire but if we put in the work coupled with these factors and without any trace of illegality we’ll achieve success.

In this movie, Luke would have just continued his bull riding which he had put a lot of effort into over the years even getting an injury from it. But he choose to follow his passion and that was a person Sophia.

This is another thing about hard work, knowing when to switch to a more realizable goal. It was tough for Luke to leave his bull riding and so he had to accomplish something there for all the efforts he had put in. He did and as soon as that was done he left and went after his true passion.

So I’ll say hard work is good but without a drive or passion for something then it becomes just work and less enjoyable. Also, I believe if we put our minds to doing something it would be accomplished.

In conclusion, people work every day some without success others are swarmed by it but having the virtues that proceed with hard work is another thing entirely.

I think it is better to have these virtues like love, determination, consistency, and an open mind. This move taught me a lot about being open-minded because opportunities can come from different places just like from the art gallery for Luke here who was a bull rider that held less love for arts.

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