CineTv Contest #18: Madagascar

Have you ever loved a movie so much that you ended up mimicking the characters?. Well if you haven't don't do it for horror movies reserve it for something far and zooid like Madagascar. This movie was my Achilles's heel of animations back in my early high school days. I literally fell for it, as the theatrics was just mind boggling and of course exciting.



This Dreamworks ribs cracking comedy and drama infusion was not just a nice movie to me but a great one. I loved the way the characters were developed and every detail about them intrigued me or will I say fascinated anyways it doesn't matter my choice of word.

If you have seen the movie my best guess is that Marty the Zebra played by Chris Rock was your favourite character. Everybody loved Marty and his favourite "Crack-a-lackin" phrase ha ha. Well, let me surprise you Marty wasn't my favourite character. My favourite character was, drum roll, King Julien !!, I think I also like to "move it, move it" ha ha. I loved his care free life and how he commands respect through fun. Sacha Cohen must be party loving person in reality, because of the way he played King Julien. He gives that free vibes and you loosen up a bit especially when you're in that part of the movie.


My favourite scene in the movie was of course the party. You should know by now that I'm all about fun and all the beats that follows it. I also love the scene where Alex the lion played by Ben Stiller saw Marty as a meat and was already licking his skin. You need to have seen the look on Marty's face. Melman and Gloria where also interesting to. Ok now you see why I love this movie right. The characters are just so much that and it doesn't confuse you either.

Oh, who slapped me. Well I can't talk about this movie without the penguins. Hell, they even made a movie about them. Skipper, Kowalsiki, Private and Rico really directed the movie. They were the brainiest in the movie. Don't take my words for it. These guys steered a ship from Europe to Africa.

I think I'll end up seeing this movie again after writing this. I've gone through alot of other entries and they were just wonderful. You can contribute by joining the CineTv community post on favourite animated film.

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