CineTv Contest #19:MoonFall

I was always the one for geography and was always captivated my any celestial phenomenon that occurs. I want to know how it comes about and how it works. Any chance i get at taking a glance at any extra terrestrial body, i readily jump at it, being it movies or pictures and drawings. I have watched a lot of space movies, both humans, animations and cartoons but i happened to watch one recently and it stole my heart, its titled "MoonFall.


It is a 2022 movie co-written, direct and produced by Roland Emmerich. Its features actors among which are Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Michael Pena, John Bradley, Charlie Plummer, Donald Sutherland and Kenny Yu.
I so much love movies that keep the watcher in suspense for most of its unveiling time. I loved this movie because it shows some high level of intelligence in the physics of our solar system. Although a fictional movie, it still captivated me and kept me wondering what the next scene will bring.
Harper lost his colleague Marcus to an attack by an extra terrestrial Black Swarm and his second colleague Fowler got incapacitated while they were out in space to repair a satellite on an orbiter. Being the only one still active and although the space shuttle was considerably damaged, he was able to returned it back to earth along with Fowler in it.



He was hailed as a hero for this actions but he eventually got dismissed from the service of NASA after a year and six months. This happens as a result for not believing it when he gave his account of what happened while they were out in space and the inability of his colleague, Fowler to defend him during the hearing.
Ten years later, a conspiracy theorist, K.C Houseman who always believed the moon is a megastructure, an artificial one discovered an abnormality in the movement of the moon, it was going out of it orbit and coming closer to the earth. He tries to make this development known to NASA but like the same way Harper was was called bluff, so also Houseman"s discovery was waved aside. He tried reaching out to Harper but met with a cold reaction since Harper was still sour from the treatment he had received from NASA.


Houseman was forced to go public and what with the rowdiness, NASA embarked on an independent discovery found out his claim was real and infact happening rapidly. They mounted a moon mission and the same swarm that attacked Harpers crew, did same to the same astronauts killing all three of them.
As the orbit of the moon continues to deteriorate, it keeps drawing closer to the earth causing serious catastrophic damage such as tsunamis, atmospheric dissipation and gravitational abnormalities with in earth.



Fowler who is now the deputy director at NASA brought out the retired space shuttle that had be concealed to a museum and also took up the EMP device the military initially wanted to employ in killing the swarm but which they abandoned due to budgetary reasons. Reinstating her dismissed colleague, Harper and together with the now justified Houseman, they made for space in an attempt to settle their scores with the Black Swarms siphoning the moon's energy and causing the orbital abnormality and earthly disaster.


Now back in space, Harper discovered Houseman was right after all, that the moon was actually an artificial megastructure created by the ancestors of humans to repopulated the earth but the Black Swarm were infact all out to make humanity extinct. As more events unfold out in space, back on earth the military were about to launch a nuclear strike at the moon to clear the danger but Fowler's Ex-husband General Davidson refused to carryout the strike so as to save her while in turn putting himself at risk.
Subsequently, Houseman lured the Swarm away from the Harper and Fowler enabling them to reach earth safely and sacrificing himself, he detonated the EMP device, destroying the swarm and reinstating the moon's failing energy and returning it back to it normal orbit.



This movie showed there existed an advanced form of technology even more advanced than what we have currently. It unravels the ability humans have to tame and conquer the universe and have control over other extra terrestrial organisms.
I draw a kind of encouragement from Houseman's actions to always stick to your findings and concepts as far as you are sure of it authenticity even if it pitches you against superior authorities.

All images are screenshots from the movie


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