Big House, Tiny Garden

The problem with journaling is that it is one more thing on the garden to do list. Enough said about that.

IMG_20210414_135329637 (2).jpg

Today I got three things done.

I put some of my tomato seedlings into larger pots. I could only do four, and the soil in those four pots has a LOT of compost in it, on account of my running low on soil. These seedlings had been flopping over in the slightest breeze, and had to be planted deeper.

Last year my rinky-dink greenhouse was on my back deck, and the ill-fated veggie patch was out my front door. This arrangement made for a lot of extra work, carrying stuff in between two areas.

This year my entire garden is right outside my front door. It is MUCH easier having everything I need in the same place. My wheelbarrow is in the garage, I need it so little. You can see my garden gate in the background of this photo, which was taken at my work table. That's the farthest I ever have to walk. I'm liking that a lot.


All the seedlings went back into the cold frame for the night. You can only spot a couple of radishes coming up in the photo below, but two rows of lettuces have germinated in there too.

We are supposed to get one really cold night this week, low of 34 degrees. I'm a bit worried for my seedlings. Should I be? Is there anything I ought to do?

Only one of my four saved zucchini seeds has germinated, so perhaps my technique for saving those seeds needs some tinkering.


My work area, which is my front porch, needed to be cleaned and better organized.


before spiffying up

This arrangement should save me some time, and be easier to keep clean.

That miniature broom qualifies neither as a labor or a back saving device, so it has to go. After sweeping up my mess today, I put both soil and broom on my shopping list.


after spiffying up

I don't like watering pots, so this year I will have only two. These geraniums managed to survive my ministrations through the winter, going all leggy trying to reach more light. They needed a good trim.

IMG_20210414_135329637 (1).jpg

the Shag is not a good look for geraniums

I LOVE pruning plants. I become ruthless. This is the first year I've had geraniums to cut back in the spring. We'll know if I did it right in a month or so. If you look closely, you can see one bud about to bloom.


after being shorn

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That's all folks!

Thanks for reading! All photos are mine.

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