A Wheelbarrow For Little People

Wheelbarrows - riveting subject matter!

I've owned a slew of wheelbarrows, and they've all pissed me off in some way. Too big, too cumbersome, too heavy, too expensive, and the most frustrating of all, two wheels. A wheelbarrow with two wheels defeats the purpose of a wheelbarrow, which must be able to turn on a dime.

Is it so hard to find a small wheelbarrow with only one wheel, easy to maneuver in a small garden, light enough for a little old lady to hang on a hook, and not made of plastic?

Yes!!! Nearly impossible!

My quest has ended, I'm happy to report, with this ingenious wheelbarrow from Creative Outdoor. I can't recommend it for big jobs - it won't carry a load of stones without a good deal of worrying on my part - but for the needs of a small suburban garden, it is perfect.


The first thing my wheelbarrow contained was my cat Freddy. Freddy is a newcomer to my household, having not long ago been the most feral of feral cats, and now being one of the most loving cats I've ever had. And he's blue!

Back to the wheelbarrow, the subject matter at hand. Not everything is about cats.



It arrived in a very small box that I could carry easily. So far so good.



This baby took very little time to assemble, and included the two tiny tools I needed to do so. Win win!



It folds up so that it I can leave it on my small porch, and I can even carry it easily with one hand.



I wasn't thrilled with these extra pieces when I was all done assembling the thing, but, as it turns out, my wheelbarrow works just fine without them.



The wheelbarrow's first load was garlic mustard, which would be the only thing living in my flower garden if it weren't so easy to pull up and pile onto the compost pile instead. My cat Patches was supervising.

All these photos were taken last year. My wheelbarrow survived its first year of fairly heavy use. It has no tears, nothing is broken, it is easy to clean by simply brushing it off, and the tire is still inflated.

If you need a tiny wheelbarrow to do small jobs, a wheelbarrow that won't piss you off, a wheelbarrow even a small child could handle, this is the one. The best price on this that I could find was through ebay for $95.

If you're a real gardener though, you might want to get yourself a real wheelbarrow.

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