black and white photography

Hello all my friends who I love, today we can meet again in this beloved community. How are you all friends, hopefully today is
be a very enjoyable day for all of us in the biggest community who are always active here. I hope that what we do today is better than yesterday.

At this meeting I will present some black and white photography that I took a while ago when I was at a motorcycle repair shop in my area in the afternoon.

When I was there I tried to take a moment by photographing black and white directly with my cellphone camera and without editing at all and I saw that after I took this picture it looked very beautiful and good in my opinion. And so I shared it here with friends - all friends, I hope you are interested.

Thus my post this time, I hope it will be entertained for all my friends who are always active in this beloved community.



Camera usedHandphone
LocationAceh indonesia
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