My Covid-19 experience : Things we did to survive Covid19.

Oh, my gosh! I can't believe that I waited till the 11th hour to complete this 2-part series about the experience I had with Covid19.

For the record, I'm not a healthcare practitioner. What I'm sharing is just an opportunity for my readers to have a look at Covid19 through the lens of a normal lad.

If it pleases you, Click this to check out the first part of this story. If not, feel free to dive into this. You will still get the gist.


Now, let's look at the things that became a trend during Covid19.

1. Wearing facemasks.

Do you still wear facemask?

Goodness me!

The use of facemasks was talked about so often, that it felt like using a facemask was a cure for Covid19. Haha. It sounds funny right now. I can't even recall the last time I saw anyone with a facemask. But, thinking back to the second quarter of 2020 until a few months ago, using a facemask was the order of the day.

You have no business going close to a bank without wearing a facemask. Even while in transit, you can be harassed, embarrassed and manhandled by security operatives for not wearing a facemask.


At some point, people became so habitually attached to facemasks to the extent that they often forget to take them off while they are at the dining table.

2. Social distancing.

When Covid19 came, words on the street were that even a touch from an infected person can lead to contracting the virus. Not many people cared to know the authenticity of this, but everyone wanted to be alive. So, we all did what every sane person would do. Social distancing became a thing.

The memes that accompanied this act of social distancing were all hilarious. Even the video clips that were recorded by people that were observing social distancing at home were all hilarious.

By the end of the lockdown, social distancing was also enforced in Churches, Banks, shopping malls... name them. I was working in a bank then and we didn't allow more than a handful of people in the banking hall. Others had to be in a queue outside the bank and wait till whenever they are allowed to go in.

3. Hand sanitization and washing.

I won't be quick to forget this. I'm still surprised that I never bought sanitiser. Back when Covid19 was making headlines, so many people were bathing themselves with sanitisers.

It became one of the most sought-after products in the market.

Trust Nigerian entrepreneurs on this. People started to produce sanitisers in their backyard. Just a mixture of ethanol with a reasonable amount of water was all it took. Some were well packaged while others were just 'sanitisers'. Lolz.

I can still recall a colleague who was almost using Sanitisers as perfume. I couldn't stop making fun of her. These sanitisers and water were placed at the entrance of Churches, Banks and Malls. Mischievous people also saw this as an opportunity. They usually steal these sanitisers. I still don't have a clue why anyone will steal something like that.

3. Remote Working.

Covid19 started as a health issue, but after a while, it spread into the economy and became an economic issue. Jobs were lost. Businesses were indefinitely shut down. There were bills to be paid, but many people were already losing their means of livelihood.

I may be wrong about the rest of the world, but I genuinely believe that the idea of working remotely was widely accepted by Nigerians during Covid19 and the long period of lockdown that came with it. I, for one, never imagined myself doing stuff online and earning some internet money. Hehe.

But, when I was forced to sit at home for so long with loads of expenses and no reasonable source of income, I decided to explore chances of earning online. That same journey Ied me to Content creation and here I am.

My Vaccination Experience

One of the things I learned during the long period of the lockdown that was initiated during this Covid19 pandemic is that it is natural for people to show resistance to new things, but everyone usually comes to terms with it after a while.

This is exactly how Covid19 vaccination was viewed. Nigeria as a country does not have what it takes to get rid of 'common' malaria. Manufacturing a vaccine for Covid19 was an unthinkable thing. This demands that we will have to depend on the manufacturing ability of other countries.

When we finally got some of these vaccines from China (I'm not sure about the U.S), many people started to come up with conspiracy theories. They said these vaccines were shipped into Africa to kill people. Many people formed a resistance. Even our government officials and medical practitioners were shying away from being vaccinated.

I was also one of those. I didn't want to hear anything about vaccination, but when I got an opportunity to travel outside the country, it turned out that Vaccination was one of the requirements. Haha. That was so ironic.

Long story short, I flushed my resistant attitude down the toilet and went for vaccination.


Do you see the inscription on that card?

Yeah, I got vaccinated in January and I can say that it's 'safe' but don't ask me about its effectiveness 🙂. Hehe.


I had a very weird experience during Covid19 and I saw what the rest of the world passed through. Nonetheless, I'm glad that I'm alive on a day like this to share this. I wrote this story with so much pleasure.

Special regards to @med-hive team and their Community for bringing up this topic for discussion. You can check out the Prompt Announcement post for more details.

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