Hefty and slow or light and smart.

Hello friends.
Hello homesteaders.
Hope everything is going well?

I have been traveling for the past three weeks now, from one state in my country to another trying to sort things out.
Well, I guess it happens like that during this period in every year.
My travel experience was always cool, but this last one except for two travels wasn't cool at all.
I think I have said something about it before, though not in details but let's not go there.
I thank God for life, journey mercies and success.

I travelled and left my chickens with someone to take care of them, until when I am back.
During my travel time, I was worried about my chickens.
I do call her daily to know how they are doing, because I have come a long way to lose any.
She assured me each time they were doing great, I didn't want to press her more or get her angry by requesting for a video call to see them.
She might think I don't trust her, I really didn't want to upset her because I had no other person that agreed to care of them.
So I believed what she says.

The day I came back, they were outside running round the compound.
They were so strong and smart, they also looked neat and healthy.
None was sick nor showed any slow moment, they were fast and tall.

Was I pleased?
Of course I was, I was happy and glad to see them alive.
I thanked her and gave her what she made me promise to get for her.
When she left, I was somehow not entirely happy with how my chickens look.
I want a fat full of flesh chicken, I know this could have made them not to be so smart.
But if I am really going to put one or two for sale, people go for ones that weigh high and this could cost me to cut price when selling.
This factors matter a lot to buyers, but I should also remember the cost of feed is now high.
Now I am confused 🤔
Should I leave them like this or buy more feed, why are they eating plenty?🥺
Please help me?
Any opinions......
Will really appreciate it.

Till we read next time I guess.
Thank you very much for stopping by my blog.

All photos are taken with my Android mobile phone.

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