Canada is rapidly losing the right to protest - Government can't handle the truth!

For no good reason, another of our Canadian Charter rights is being infringed. This time, Alberta leads the way, making any gathering or demonstration near healthcare facilities illegal, with other provinces close behind. Let's look at the flimsy pile of nonsense used to justify this tragic destruction of our constitutional liberties.

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Reason 1

"The measure is in response to protests two weeks ago across the country by anti-vaccination groups."

That's a lie. The two national protests were organized by an anti-mandate group, nurses protesting the government forcing them to choose between medical ethics and their careers. They were specifically NOT anti-vaccination.

It was not 'misinformed anti-vaxxers shouting angrily at healthcare workers', as we are told over and over. It was healthcare workers against vaccine mandates, protesting peacefully with supporters near their workplace. I was there, both times, at one of the larger events. And I had friends reporting from various cities across Canada, and I watched their footage. This was NOT a violent protest. And many attendees were vaccinated, so it wasn't an anti-vaccination protest at all.

But all that is just a red herring, anyway. The real issue is that none of this justifies losing our freedom. What else have they got?

Reason 2

"Anti-vaccine protesters stood in front of our hospitals, hurling mistruths and misinformation about our healthcare system, our doctors and our nurses."

I'd like to see evidence of that. If it happened, there's plenty of footage of it. Prove it. Video, or it didn't happen.

Besides, even if people had "hurled mistruths", how would that justify diminishing the cherished Canadian right to gather? There's got to be something more.

Reason 3

"Totally inappropriate behaviour from a vocal minority."

Inappropriate behaviour is protected by our Charter rights.

So is being vocal.

So is being a member of a minority.

There's literally nothing here. They're destroying our Charter without even providing a valid reason!

Reason 4

"Healthcare professionals must have the ability to do their work free from interference."

This is merely an implication, a suggestion that healthcare professionals were interfered from doing their work. This has never been substantiated, and once again, no evidence is given. If it happened, there's footage of it. Show the footage of protesters interfering with hospital operations, anywhere in Canada! I've searched high and low for it. If anyone has any evidence the mainstream media is telling the truth, please bring it forward. Otherwise, there's nothing here to base the loss of our rights upon.

Other articles have insinuated that ambulances were blocked, but again, where is the footage? If something like that happened in a crowd of thousands, with all the media outlets present, there's footage of it. But nobody can bring any forward, hmmmm.

Besides, until six months ago, the same media outlets were stoking the Black Lives Matter protests, all across Canada and the world. Those protests weren't just disruptive, they were truly destructive and violent, but they were characterized as peaceful. It's completely backwards!

And that's it.

Four useless reasons that add up to nothing. Put all together, the claim is that a vocal minority protested in front of hospitals, "hurling mistruths about our healthcare system".

So? How does that condone the destruction of our rights?

It doesn't.

Today, one of the concerns of those against health passports was justified, as a massive data breach revealed millions of peoples' personal health information. Privacy is clearly not in any way a priority for those handling this confidential data, and they have a terrible track record at keeping information secure. This is going to happen again, and again, and again. It's a feature, not a flaw. The goal is to deprive you of any sense of privacy rights. Many of us are already half way there.

And privacy is just one of many concerns with the health passports. There are no good justifications for infringing our rights, and many valid concerns that are not being addressed.

Canada is currently a nation in distress, under medical martial law, occupied by a foreign globalist force which is in the process of dividing and conquering this once-free society.


There's a reason free countries have never made it illegal to gather near hospitals before, and it's not just that nobody has ever protested at hospitals. Besides, there are already laws against attacking doctors, blocking ambulances, and everything else the media is claiming happened. We don't need new laws just to punish people who do those things.

There's an agenda at play here. That explains the heavy duty censorship around this issue. Anyone saying or showing that the protests were peaceful and pro-nurse gets deleted and banned. Loud? Yes. Violent? No. This is peaceful non-compliance!

"The province is set to launch a new advertising campaign aimed at providing education about Covid-19 vaccines and debunking common myths.."

Advertising? They're not trying to sell a product. It's not advertising, it's propaganda. The government is literally telling the people what they should think and believe, fullstop. And to add insult to injury, they're doing it with the people's money.

Speaking of mandates, governments have a mandate to serve the people in a particular manner, including safeguarding our rights. Their mandate does not cover "providing education about vaccines" or "debunking common myths". Communist and fascist governments are known to use these exact propaganda tactics, under the guise of clearing up misunderstandings. We must demand our governments serve us, or we will resist their unjust laws, starve them of their power, and remove them.

In this case, government is removing the right to protest in certain locations, offering a flimsy excuse to justify the loss of freedom. This comes as part of a long line of infringements to our rights, and is just a taste of what's coming next. It may seem like a small loss, but those rights were not won easily. We fought and bled for those rights, over generations. To allow them to slide away, just for the promise of a little safety, will ensure we end up with neither.


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